Best Place to Live in the World

Best Place to Live in the World

Whether you long for a warm winter, beautiful beach or quiet countryside, the world is a big, beautiful place and your choices are endless.

You could "Google" Conde Nast or International Living for their list of the best place to live in the world…

But perhaps you should begin by asking yourself the most important question of all,

“How do I find the place that’s right for me?”

How Can I Find the Best Place to Live in the World?

While it may sound impossible right now, it’s really pretty simple.

First of all, you’ve got to get really clear about what you want. Knowing what you want makes it easy to eliminate everything you don’t want.

Write down everything you want and expect to experience in your new place. Find articles, collect pictures, anything to assist in your research.

It’s a huge decision and you’ll want to know everything about the place you’ll be calling “home.”

If it’s warm weather you’re pining for, you could move to a tropical island.

But you better be ready for all the other stuff you’ll encounter…

Reptiles, disease-carrying insects, creepy, crawly bugs…

And there’s the heat. Not a little heat, a lot of heat. A heavy, wet, energy-draining fire that can knock you to your knees.

Ideally, you could live as a “snow bird,” retreating to the north when the hot weather sets in…

Whichever locale you choose, it will come with a steep price. Not financially perhaps, but in the sacrifices you’ll make when you realize what you’ve left behind. (Maybe, maybe not.)

If your roots are deep, you’ll never make the plunge. You’ll wish you could and you’ll never stop dreaming of finding your “forever” land. However, your paralyzing fear of change won’t let you leave town.

If you’ve traveled most your life you might find it difficult to make a decision. You could blindfold yourself while hovering your finger over a world map. (I did that once. It didn’t end well. I just wasn’t ready for Texas. Nothing against Texas.) I did almost move to Equador once. The lack of dependable internet and public restrooms (and toilet paper!) was the deal breaker.

Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia... “Where’s your dream place?”

The Best Place to Live in the World is the one that captures your heart. It steals your every waking moment and lights a fire so intense within you, that you can’t stop thinking about it because you just know it is where you have to be.

The Best Place in the World is the one is that makes you feel at home;

content, and happy.

The Best Place to Live in the World

is where you are right now.

Love your life now

while you create

the place you want to live.

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