Best Bone Building Diet

To make strong healthy bones you’ve got to eat healthy foods, namely, real foods. Real food is what you’d find growing on a tree or in the earth.

Researchers have studied cultures all over the world and found those with the least incidences of osteoporosis (and other degenerative diseases) ate mostly plants. Not just any plant, organic plants. The way nature/God made them.

Another advantage of a whole food diet is a healthier body overall that’s virtually free of chronic diseases such diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

People living along the Mediterranean Sea have one of the lowest rates of osteoporosis and heart disease. Commonly called the “Mediterranean Diet,” it consists of foods found in nature. Foods in their natural state with little to no processing.

Best Bone Diet

1. Eat lots of fresh organic vegetables

2. Free-range eggs

3. Beans

4. Nuts & seeds

5. Extra virgin olive oil

6.Wide variety of herbs & spices as seasonings

7. Wild-caught fish - Many areas of the ocean have become contaminated with mercury and other heavy metals. Choose wisely.

8. Small amounts of organic, free-range animal protein

9. Low-fat raw, not pasteurized, dairy foods - yogurt and cheese, generally from goat’s milk (in small amounts)

10. Whole grain rice & pasta, quinoa & oats

11. Fruit - preferably for snacks or dessert

12. 1-2 four ounce servings of red wine

I wouldn’t purchase just any wine in the grocery store. Do your homework, all wine is not created equally. Remember, those folks along the Mediterranean have generations of wine drinking. There aren’t a lot of “rehabs” over there for a reason.

If you’ve read our article Eating to Live, you’ll find the suggested whole foods for a healthy diet are similar to those listed here in the bone building diet. In addition, we offer recommendations for proper bean soaking/cooking methods, soaking nuts (Nuts & beans are virtually indigestible. Therefore, the body cannot absorb the nutrients without prior soaking.) How to choose olive oil and more.

Your pH is also crucial to strong bones. Healthy diets support a pH that is NOT acidic. Acidic bodies create diseases such as arthritis and other chronic degenerative diseases. It's a simple process to monitor your pH daily.

You're never too young or too old to start caring for your body and building your bones.


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