Benefits of a Loving Pet Partnership

How Pets Improve Your Life by Reni at Eden' Corner

They make us laugh, cry, and most importantly, give what every human needs, unconditional Love.

Our animal children enrich our lives. Enduring companion and comfort when the human children leave home, or maybe we never had children. They meet a need, so necessary, so vital to human existence; our need to love and be loved.

Your relationship with your pet will depend much upon how you treat yourself.

If you feed yourself well with wholesome foods chances are you extend that treatment to your pets as well.

Do you exercise? Remember your animal children need exercise as much as you. Their quality of life will be determined by the diet, exercise and emotional health they experience.

Our fur or feather family is much like a child; their behavior reflects their environment. If your home is calm and predictable your pet family will respond in kind. Frantic, chaotic surroundings and they respond with negative behavior.

Basically, they're telling you their needs are not being met.

Be the best pet guardian by taking care of you. Like every parent, we can only expect to receive the love and attention we give to those we love.

Read more about raising a healthy and happy pet and discover the many ways you can Be the Best You.

There is no greater investment you will ever make than the one that benefits you. Your life will improve, and also the life of those around you. -Reni

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