Are You an Earth Child?

My intuition led me to believe there would be opportunity here tonight. For what, I didn't know. I decided to keep an open mind and let my heart lead the way.

I knew when we arrived that the evening’s conversation would be anything but mundane or dull. Some people have a spark that ignites the mind and reveals long buried memories. This was sure to be one of those times…

Experience guaranteed the meal would be worth waiting for. It did not disappoint. As the sun began its western descent; cooling the Pacific Northwest sky, we sat comforted in the warmth of the iron pit fire.

In the midst of conversation my friend turned toward me, with intelligent, spectacled eyes, scarcely inches from my face, she asked with a curious, albeit, inquisitive tone, “Are you an Earth Child?” My mercurial mind began racing. After several mental rebuttals and what seemed like an eternity, I replied, “Why yes, aren’t you?” She quickly answered with an emphatic, “No!”

My ego flailed weak protests as I dismissed any derogatory meaning her question may have implied. Was it my clothing that implied I was a child of nature; not unlike the stereotypical hippie of the 60’s? Or perhaps my passionate interest in organic foods, Mother Nature and meditation? Was it simple curiosity that provoked such a question, or something deeper?

I spoke slowly, mindfully, searching for words that might define my feeling of what I knew to be true. I told her we are all earth children. I wanted to tell her that we came into this world to live not just on the earth, but with the earth in harmony.

Humanity has been led astray; taught to believe an illusion that keeps the masses distracted and in a state of fear and confusion.

Humanity has forgotten who they really are. Beyond the technology and artificial substances that feed, medicate and entertain, is a world that is by its simple nature, peaceful, kind and loving. It is a beautiful world, a world that is also inside us.

"The beauty we see in the world is but a reflection of the beauty that lies within us all." -Reni

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