Although We Cannot Change the Past…

Although We Cannot Change the Past…

I had originally titled this blog, “Back to Eden.” But as the week progressed and the story came to life in my mind, I heard a call from my inner self. And as much as I wanted to talk about the wonderful things in life that create “heaven on earth,” I knew I had to start from the past in order to reveal the present.

Because we have lived, we have experienced many moments and have many memories. It is often useful to look at the past to discover why the present is unfolding in the way that it is.

And while we cannot change the sad moments in our lives, we can look at them with tolerance and acceptance. For what other choice do we have? Observing the past with discerning honesty, no matter how shocking and incredible, can provide wisdom and clarity. This observation often creates a mental shift; and through the conscious act of awareness, creates a better future that will benefit everyone.

Throughout Eden’s Corner you’ll see a familiar message to those seeking good health and happiness, “Turn Off the Television.” Why is that so important? Television is a vehicle by which the corporate elite brainwashes the public with subliminal messages. How do we know this as fact? Look around. It’s most evident at the grocery store, where over 80% of the foods are toxic, processed food stuffs. Dangerous chemicals are in everything from dish soap to kid's bubble bath. All are contributing to a sick care crisis that is plaguing humanity and our natural world.

We are buying their products because we have bought the media's clever lies. With constant repetition their messages have become deeply ingrained in our subconscious minds, to the point that we unwittingly make decisions based on false beliefs/programming.

We are so distracted by negativity that discerning the truth is virtually impossible.

We fear the future and neglect

to care for what is most important: ourselves.

Life was never meant to be a struggle. Although we are taught to believe it’s hard. Look around at those who are happy. What are they doing differently? Maybe you’re the one who is happy. You’ve discovered the secret to life. The secret that many are dying to know. Let go of fear, live from love, and happiness is revealed.

Much like Michelangelo when asked how he created his beautiful statue of David, his reply, "I revealed what was already there." That is what we must do if we are to live a life that expresses who we truly are.

At Eden’s Corner our goal is to help you reveal what is already there within you. Follow Eden’s Corner Home Page for resources to guide, encourage and inspire your journey to health & wellness freedom. Let your intuition guide you to what you need.

There's someone very special waiting to meet you.

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