Age of Dis-information


“Don’t believe anything you hear, and very little of what you read.”

Those were words I heard often as a kid. I suppose they helped to form my skeptical, not-so-gullible, mentality.

And when it comes to researching anything on the internet I always fall back on this tried and true approach:

  1. Proof is in the Pudding

  2. Follow the Money

Case in point:

While researching omega 3 fatty acids, I came upon a Google entry published by Harvard University stating vegetable oils provided a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. And while that may be true initially, the refining process removes a large portion of omega -3 fatty acids by turning them into trans fats. Leaving high levels of unhealthy omega-6 fats known to cause inflammation and disease.

Well, that not only raised a BIG RED FLAG, but sounded alarm bells as well.

I’ve done extensive research on so-called “vegetable oils,” and know them to be toxic and dangerous to human health.

Studies (the pudding that provided the proof) show commonly advertised brands to be refined with Hexane, a chemical solvent and a poisonous by-product of crude oil. Hexane is a known neurotoxicant and can cause numbness in feet and hands and later weakness or numbness throughout the arms and legs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Follow the Money:

As with other Universities (and foundations such as the Heart Assn., Cancer Society, etc.) in America today, many are funded by special interest groups aka powerfully financed corporations.

An article in Time Magazine describes the worrisome influence of Big Pharma’s influence on the practice of medicine and subsequent studies at Harvard University.

Harvard’s industry ties are coming in the way of legal bribes, and accusations of intimidating young scholars.

Needless to say, Harvard is not one of our trusted resources.

At Eden’s Corner we spend countless hours tracking down sources of “information” and the money and influence behind them.

Our criteria for weeding out the trolls aka “dis-information” propagandists?

The source must prove their integrity. Motives are based on compassion and desire to educate consumers that would not otherwise learn the truth from typical media channels. Mainstream television, radio, magazines, etc. disseminates propaganda that cleverly infects consumer confidence. Blind trust assures continued profits for the commercial (junk) food industry and death-causing modern medicine via the pharmaceutical industry.

Ingenious, deceptive, and shockingly successful.

Next time you’re on the internet looking for information, remember our fail-safe, tried and true approach:

  1. Proof is in the Pudding

  2. Follow the Money

After years of following our trusted resources in the health and wellness field, and of course, cross-checking facts, we know there are only a handful who can be trusted to give you honest answers. Information that profits you, not some shareholder.

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