Eden's Manifesto

Hands and Globe, Edens Manifesto

As your health & wellness advocate, we know that your health freedom is virtually impossible without knowing the larger picture...

"Sometimes you have to know the worst of it, to make the best of it." ~Reni

Eden's Manifesto

Our society has distorted who we are.

America’s legacy is vast; far beyond the treadmills of industrial slavery to the crossroads where we now stand.

We have seen malicious and corrupt corporations rule our government, while offering lies fed with promises of monetary gain.

Lies that offer hope to the trusting, the unsuspecting populace, while they and their children cry with a hunger that cannot be satisfied, a sickness that kills them and those yet to be born.

Corporate lies whisper false hopes of freedom,

false promises that the people too, will be triumphant and powerful.

We know the truth and we will go forward with that truth to freedom.


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