Am I Living it Right?

Am I Living it Right

When we find ourselves mired deep in chaos; filled with impatience and frustration over the events of life, desperate for answers, we might ask, "Am I living it right?"

"Should life traverse paths that seem deeply entrenched in ruts that threaten to smother our joy?"

Does it feel as though something is missing in life? Do you long for more happiness? More peace? More satisfaction?

Then these words are for you...

Waking Up

When you're staring at a crossroad wondering what path to take, you can be certain you have "awakened."

You're tired of rising every morning and going to bed each night with an uneasiness, a sense of regret. A voice that keeps whispering, "Life shouldn't be this hard..."

You're no longer willing to suffer along, to allow yourself to be pushed by the winds of conformity and constraint.

You know you deserve better...

Finding the Courage to Change

Acts that seem rebellious, "out-of-character," and surprising, even to you, are signs that change is coming.

Standing up for your life takes courage. A lot of courage.

If others are used to you taking care of them and going along with the status quo, chances are there will be resistance. Fierce resistance. You will be pushed to extremes that will require you to go far beyond your self-imposed limitations.

It will be painful, but in the end you will reclaim what is naturally yours, freedom.

There Are Many Roads to Salvation

Finding the way is easy, however, the difficult part is opening your mind and heart to the answers so you'll see them when they appear.

Often the solutions we need are offered, but we're oblivious to them. Or perhaps we believe God has forsaken us. Never true.

God/Universe only helps those who help themselves.

Which means you have to do the work.

We all have our issues; emotional pain, physical pain, etc.

It all boils down to one common ground:

One's unhappiness, discontent, and unfilled life, is but the result of listening to (and reacting from) self-limiting beliefs you've held since childhood.

Your subconscious mind drives your thoughts, beliefs and actions virtually 95% of the time. Certainly nothing wrong with that, provided your thoughts are not sabotaging your health and happiness.

Ready for change? What I'm going to show you will blow your mind. It's amazing, incredible and it's the new frontier... Will you be one of the few, the 1%, who breaks free from the masses?

This is life altering stuff. And you'll never be the same. (Thank goodness.)

By using, practicing and habituating the lessons learned from the following tools, you will transcend your old programming; heal from trauma, and create a life that expresses the incredible person that you are.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nin

Tools and Skills for Change

Neuro Linguistics Programming - NLP - New Frontier

Reclaim your power. Take back your life by learning to discard your old self and its limiting beliefs. Master your mind.

Faster EFT is an ingenious technique created by Robert Smith. He has hundreds of YouTube videos. Watch them. Find what you need to hear. This free 7 day course will start your journey to self-empowerment.

Your Youniverse YouTube Channel

Many teachers are here. Each with a different perspective. All teaching the same course: Master your mind and you will master your life.

How to Reset Your Internal Programs to Attract What You Want

How to Use Your Mind the RIGHT Way to Create What You Want!

E-Squared: Nine Do-It_Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout

"I applaud and celebrate you brave souls who are taking the challenge to better yourselves. By mastering your Self, you positively affect the world. " -Reni

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