A Cross We Must Bear

Woman reflecting on her life with a cross in background

Each week I am divinely inspired to share life’s blessings and often, its sorrows. As I sat down to write this week’s blog, I recalled a woman I had seen at the market. Vacant eyes, young children in tow, her hen eggs securely placed in her cart. She strolled as if she were lost, searching for what, I did not know. I wondered if she would feed those eggs to her family if she knew what they really were and how they came into the world.

After hours of “egg” research and videos, I found myself heavy hearted; filled with a sadness I couldn’t shake. I knew I had to walk away, at least for a while. My psyche was wounded. As long as I live I will never understand how people can sacrifice their humanity for the sake of money. Each day is a lesson in courage and love.

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My work comes a with a double-edged sword; great rewards, that often carry a heavy burden. A burden I carry as my cross to bear. I am but a poet at heart, yet also a realist. I cannot deny the truth I find, no matter how horrific. For the most part I can deal with the sadness, the inequity, the brutality that is unearthed when profits surpass humanity and the world. But once in a rare while I think this isn’t what I signed on for. I naively dreamed of a life where I could share inspirational poetry, and my passion for healthy living and organic foods. But how could I tell people what was good without the polarity and knowledge of what they needed to avoid? My desire is to help others save themselves from needless suffering and forces that threaten their very existence, denying any hope for happiness.

I want to see the good in others. But mostly, I want for others to see the good in themselves. And to remember they are human beings, but more importantly, they are mostly, spiritual beings.

The cross we must carry is often heavy. It may be unrealized potential; unfulfilled dreams that burden the heart creating discontent and frustration. Or like me, a messenger to the world. It is a juxtaposition, where my soul resides. My spiritual self longs to connect to other sentient souls in a world of human beings (doings) suffering a life without peace and happiness, never overcoming its challenges or realizing its blessings.

Obstacles are also our blessings. They remind us our cross is never too heavy to carry if the load is lightened with courage and love.

And while there may be disparity and sadness in the world, we are not here to fight or wage war, but to give love, and only love. It is what spiritual beings do, it is what we are.

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