Standing for a Cause

While millions of women all over the world gathered in solidarity this week, I wondered, “Will the Women’s March Campaign affect positive change in our world?”

Is it possible to make any kind of change with negative thinking and resistance? Can taking a stand against something eradicate it? I think not. That which we resist, always, without question, persists.

Mother Teresa in her divine wisdom, when asked to march in a rally against the war, answered this way, “If you have a march for peace, I’ll be there.”

What if we're not aware of our own convictions and blindly fight for justice, or worse, complain, but do nothing to create change?

For generations, media lies and deception have brilliantly instilled fear in the masses. Mass deception, designed to keep us in line, has distorted our humanity; spawning bigotry, racism, and hatred creating dissension amid lines of division.

The social and political milieu that is brewing within America and other parts of the world, while appearing as anarchy, is actually uniting humanity in mass numbers.

Humanity’s consciousness is slowing rising. Many are awakening to their own power. Power to change policies and create new laws, bringing equity to a world of disparity. Making choices based on love, instead of fear.

We must stand for a cause, not against a cause. Only then can we make a positive change for the betterment of humanity and the world.

With darkness comes the light.

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