Are You Working More and Getting Less?

We’re human beings, not human doings.

Why then do we think we need to work so hard for so little? Most of humanity is on a treadmill (hamster wheel). Going through the motions; exhausted, feeling hopeless and living life without purpose.

Unaware that life should not be a struggle, filled with mundane, monotonous tasks, highlighted only by the week’s sporting event or bottle of wine- the public mind moves without purpose, without notice.

There’s a very good reason the masses are being unconsciously influenced and manipulated to live lives without purpose. And breaking free is possible…

Think Less

Most people live by default; unaware their thoughts are creating trauma, turmoil and a miserable existence.

“Thoughts have the ability to create peace, they can also create destruction.” -Reni

Blaming others for their problems, the public mind lives oblivious to the mass hypnosis that has created their world. A world of confusion, hate and hopelessness.

Using the mind for a battleground distracts the human being while giving a momentary sense of satisfaction. It also uses busy work to justify worthiness and a false sense of control. Busywork: "An art perfected by the ego to keep you so busy you forget you have a body and a spirit. Therefore, you become a workaholic, alcoholic, junk food addict, etc."

Busy work distracts the human being from what it values and needs most: A healthy body, a creative mind and a loving spirit.

Do Less

Eliminate mindless distractions such as television, electronics and other devices that keep you a slave to your addictions. You are a slave to your addictions if you are not taking care of you. Are you kind and loving to yourself? Are you healthy in mind, body & soul? Are your thoughts peaceful and kind toward others, or do you judge and criticize their actions?

Letting go of negative thoughts and behaviors gives you the freedom and ability to think for yourself. To understand and get to know who you really are and why you are here on this earth.

Get More

Every time you are aware of your thoughts and how they are making you feel you have the choice to be loving or hateful to yourself and to others. Living as a human being, not a "human doing," will provide opportunities that satisfy your soul’s longing to express the gifts and talents you were born to share with the world. And the WON thing we all want, HAPPINESS.

Thoughtful Reading

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