Quick & Nutritious Snacks

Whether you’re in need of a quick snack break at work, or looking for something to soothe your little savage beasts, these snacks will fill you up with much needed nutrition.

Plan Ahead

Print Eden’s Snacks for Kids and keep handy in your kitchen.

Keep plenty of your favorite “go to” foods on hand. (Avoid processed/packaged foods. They are anti-nutrient foods and cost you your health and hard earned money.)

Keep a large bowl filled with fruit, especially avocados.

Shop & store your produce properly. Peruse article listed below.

Snack & Recipe Ideas



Almond & Peanut Butter for Veggie Dip or Apple Sandwiches

Favorite Fruits & Vegetables

Fruit Kabobs

Nuts & Raisins

Find snack tips and the following recipes and more at Snacks for Kids

No Sugar Breakfast or Snack Time Cookies

Avocado & Tomato Sandwiches

Recipes & Nutrition Resources

Snacks for Kids – Healthy Snacks for Kids and Adults Alike

Avocadoes – World’s Most Nutritious Fruit

Pink Salt – Use only mineral-rich Himalayan Pink Salt. Sea salt is okay, but often highly refined and may contain mercury. White table salt is problematic and should be avoided.

Shopping & Storing Your Produce – Discover the best ways to purchase and store nature’s most potent medicines.

Why Children Should Eat Organic Produce – Children are sensitive to chemicals that build up in their little bodies. The Environmental Working Group advocates for families to ensure parents are informed and understand the risks of conventional produce. For a list of the Clean Fifteen (okay to eat if NOT organic) and the Dirty Dozen (produce you and especially your children should NEVER eat) visit www.ewg.org or click on the link above.

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