Why Outsource Your Health?

Perfect health is every person’s innate right. We all possess an internal pharmacy that heals. Why then do most of us depend upon others when we have the power to heal ourselves? Why do we outsource our own healthcare?

Perhaps we just don't know any better. In most cases, we’ve been taught to believe that our healing should come from outside ourselves. Well intended, yet uninformed, physicians do their best to “treat” disease. They are but victims of poor medical training and the powerful pharmaceutical industry.

Unlike children and young folks today, I lived (as a teenager) in a home that encouraged natural health and wholesome foods. It was there I began reading everything I could find on health, wellness and the intricate relationship between the natural world and the human body.

After reading the book, “Back to Eden,” by Jethro Kloss, it made perfect sense that when the human body is provided the wholesome foods and pure water it needs, it would function optimally with virtually no disease. We know that plants deprived of the proper nutrients in their soil and environment weaken and succumb to disease. It is no different with humans or other forms of animal life.

As years passed, I observed a decline in the health of Americans and realized our bodies although highly complex in nature, had not evolved to thrive or even subsist on most of what is offered as “food” in our society today.

It’s the twenty-first century and millions are suffering with food related illnesses. I’m perplexed and dismayed, as I keep asking, “When will Americans (and those who’ve adopted the SAD diet) wake up to the madness and see that “high-tech convenience foods” and pharmaceutical drugs are the root causes of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and possibly every other malady known to the western world?”

I find it appalling that the majority of the population is unaware that they are part of a vast genetic experiment (through the use of genetically modified organisms) and the “artificial foods” they are consuming are poisoning their bodies. Commercial junk foods, typical of the Standard American Diet, are toxic and nutrient poor, which leads to nutritional wasting and disease.

Industrial food and drug industry propaganda, well represented by the media, are brainwashing the American public with their commercial advertising promising good tasting convenience food and then a simple pill to ease their ills and all’s well. But is it really? In this profit driven era it is all about the money. The desire for profits has surpassed any compassion for humanity.

To take back your health you’ve got to learn and practice mind control. Having control of your mind will eliminate self-destructive behaviors that undermine good health. When you change your thoughts about healing, your body will change and it will respond by being stronger and more vibrant.

You have the power to be free from illness and to produce healthy cells that lead to a stronger immune system. Similar to attitudes about aging, you have a pre-programmed expression of health and wellness. Change your thoughts and you will change your life.

Unfortunately, in many cases it is chronic illness that motivates us to seek natural methods only after conventional treatments have failed. We forget or don’t realize that our most generous, loving creator has given us all that we need to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits. We have also forgotten a very important fact; our bodies have incredible healing powers and wholesome food and pure water are our medicines.

When we nourish our bodies with pure food and water, our body’s systems function optimally. Instinctively we know we must provide the best nourishment to stay healthy, yet many choose foods that are unhealthy and often times harmful.

Why is this? Lack of basic nutritional education may be the cause, but often it is our negative thoughts and beliefs that create our food choices. Healthy people have a positive attitude and outlook on life. They also tend to be better educated and informed on the topics of health, the environment, other major issues that affect one’s quality of life. You can overcome negative thinking and unhealthy lifestyle choices by empowering yourself; learn more by studying and applying the resources above.

We are born to this earth. Our omnipresent, omniscient creator has provided plants for our food and for our medicine. As Hippocrates, the father of medicine so wisely declared,

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

As you learn to Love and trust your Self, you will take better care of the body that houses your spirit.

Your body’s ability to heal is FAR GREATER

Than you’ve ever been permitted to believe. -Unknown

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