You Can Only Save Yourself

Woman is happy because she eats healthy food.

When a good friend came to visit for an extended stay recently, I was shocked and dismayed by her eating and drinking habits. I knew she was an intelligent person and assumed she had learned at least the basics of healthy eating.

Each time I observed her daily practice of consuming foods I knew to be toxic I remembered that we are all doing our best for our level of consciousness. I did however, on several occasions find myself mentally yelling “NO!” as she swallowed the chemical laden garbage she called food.

Echoes of the mantra, “You can only save yourself,” give me comfort and relief amid the seeming chaos I witness on a daily basis. It feels as though the world has gone mad in a frenzy of self-genocide.

It has taken me years of continuous daily work to get to this point of surrender. And it is surrender. Saving yourself is the best we can do for ourselves and the world.

Habitual nurturing and caring for others can make this a daunting task as we seek to emotionally separate our mortality from another’s. And as Gandhi so profoundly stated, “Be the change you wish to see…”

We must lead and live by example. But what if the person you want to save is someone very dear to you? You know that their suffering, or God forbid, passing, would have a disastrous effect on your emotional health and well-being.

As a health and wellness educator I have found my most challenging life lesson is allowing others to walk their own path. Send them love and let go, and let God.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come.”

I am here on this earth to share health and healing resources with those who are ready to “save themselves.” Those who understand (remember) they are divine, spiritual beings, here to express unique gifts and talents that will benefit humanity and the world. -Reni

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