How Good Do I Have to Be?

When is enough, enough? How good does one have to be? And who judges and determines what is good, or enough?

For many years I believed I was good enough because I worked 2 jobs, had a hobby business and took care of my family and home. I had been taught to believe that staying busy defined who I was as a person.

I had always looked to others for praise, recognition, and confirmation that my life was the sum of my goodness and my “enoughness.” Yet my looking to others for acceptance had left me with an emptiness. I felt as if I were dancing as fast as I could, working hard, yet I was not at peace or satisfied with my accomplishments.

Life had become a burden that held a sense of overwhelming doom and dissatisfaction; an uneasy, hungry sensation that dominated my mind and body.

As it often does, emotional pain became physical pain; pain that brought me to my knees. It was what I needed to propel me toward a journey that would last a lifetime, a journey of constant healing.

My real “work” had begun. It was not my job, my family or my home; it was me. I began the healing work of Louise Hay and continued learning from other mentors such as Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

Only you know what is good enough for you. Good enough is what brings you peace and happiness. Good enough is the feeling that lies within the beholder.

“When we love ourselves, we will create a life to love.” –Reni

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