Why We Fear Flying

To fly is to soar and dream. We might look at birds and envy their gift of flight. Their freedom. Unrestrained by their environment, both physical and mental. When we fly we are going beyond the mundane, the ordinary, and moving toward success.

Success can be equated to flying in the sense that there is freedom of expression, expansion and release. Most everyone wants success, but few attain it. We might even look at others with envy or jealousy believing they have something we don’t. For if we had the magical skills successful people seem to possess, we too would be successful, wouldn’t we?

Since successful people come from all socioeconomic groups, one might wonder what it is then, that separates them from most of humanity? Is it luck? Determination?

As a young adult I observed “successful” people. I wondered why they were so different. First thing I noticed was their ability to “make things happen.” I also noticed those who were financially successful were not always happy. This was my awakening to the kind of success I wanted. The kind that brings happiness.

I was afraid to fly back then. From an early age I got the message that I was not smart enough or good enough. I internalized those messages and my life reflected that message. When I would get close to accomplishing something big I would sabotage it. My fear of success prevented me from taking the steps I needed to progress, to turn my dreams into reality.

It took a lot of work and effort but I slowly came to realize I was created the same as everyone else on this earth and no one was greater or lesser than me. I knew I was here to fulfill a divine purpose, yet I was carrying my burden of potential as if it were a contemptible companion and not the gifts I had to offer the world.

I began to ask for help. Decades later and many books, therapy, etc., I learned to shift my thoughts from self-defeating to positive and life-affirming.

Free yourself of your burden of potential and become the incredible person you were born to be! -Reni

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