Back to Eden

The mere thought of Eden often conjures visions of pristine beauty, where flora and fauna thrive in perfect balance and harmony. Is it possible that such a place exists? Can it be created?

I pondered this for years as I lived without knowing my purpose; frantically searching for Utopia, my version of the Garden of Eden. I thought if I could find such a place I would be happy and life would be like Shangri-La. You know, gentle carefree folk, living happily ever after for a long time. There would never be discord, or conflicts, and life would be effortless where creativity flowed into music and poetry. That would be the life!

Back then I didn’t understand that to know good, there must be the experience of not good. The concept is best described in Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. I have to admit my Piscean mind had a hard time with that one.

Perhaps it is easier to say that every experience has a flip side. For example, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. As the day progresses it becomes hotter and hotter. Without relief from the clouds, the heat is oppressive, perhaps dangerous. And without the rain-filled clouds the plants would wither and die.

My epiphany came the day I woke up and realized I had the power to create my own Eden every day. Heaven on earth was not a place I needed to find, although I certainly tried, Heaven was within me.

Like everyone else on this beautiful earth, I was born with the blessings of love, peace, and compassion. And my gifts or talents are an expression of these blessings.

What I found confusing at first was why I struggled so hard to understand this. Why had it taken decades of suffering to know peace? Was it because I had grown up without remembering I was a loving and peaceful being with many talents to share with the world? Or was it because I had not loved myself and therefore others could not find me loveable?

So many questions we ponder in the search for Eden. Perhaps the answer lies in silence. The space where the inner self resides. The one who knows all.

One day we will realize that all the frantic searching for happiness, for that "something," was but an urging from our own Self, our Spirit, to look within. -Reni

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