Dreaming of Neverland

Once in a great while a conversation can change the trajectory of your life so quickly you’re barely aware that it’s happening…

This week Rick came home with a different kind of energy. There was a twinkle in his eyes, and a lightness in his voice that had me curious. I knew something had happened, or was going to happen. I listened intently as he spoke of a friend's experience while traveling in Ecuador.

My curiosity was more than piqued as he spoke of tranquility, friendly locals, beautiful scenery, the reasonable cost of living (compared to most of America), and an average temperature of 77 degrees.

Wait a minute. It all sounded really good until he got to the “hot” part. It is the equator after all. He knows I don’t do heat. I melt, and that’s no exaggeration. I’ve been to Mexico; it was damn hot. And that was February. I certainly understand the siesta ritual. Once the weight of the heat and sweat began to slow me down I would rush back to the restorative coolness of my hotel room to sleep until dinner.

When I think Ecuador, I think rain forest. Hot and wet with snakes and lots of ankle meat-eating mosquitoes. Could this be the Shangri-La they speak of? Aren’t the Andes cold? It’s hot and cold there?

I’ve heard the rain forest holds every plant known to cure the maladies of humanity. Are there shamans? High priestesses?

Those were just a few of my thoughts. The more I pondered it the more I began to wonder, "What about Scampy?" You know, my Doxie boy from Scampy’s World. Foreign land, foreign language, the unknown. Fortunately, I know some Spanish…

Wasn’t long before my inquisitive nature had me googling anything and everything Ecuador. Seems there are 4 distinct weather climes, elevation as high as Denver and temperatures so vast you can live in the scorching heat, freeze in the mountains or a little in between.

And while I love being in the Pacific Northwest and back home after 25 years of living and traveling in the states, it’s been 10 years and my wanderlust nature has my mind spinning. Can we do it? When? Why not?

Time will tell if the road we’re on will lead us to a faraway land. For now, we will live each day like it’s our tomorrow, and dream of finding Neverland.

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