Duck and Hide

When Rick first suggested I take the blogs to a new direction, a lighter, more personal perspective, I thought, “Sounds like a good idea, but can I really do it?” "Do I want to do it?" I have to admit, as a Fringe Dweller I keep most of my thoughts to myself. Unless you happen to be a Fringe Dweller yourself…

With Friday’s deadline approaching and this being almost midweek, I’m treading lightly on the adventures I’ve experienced in the last few days and wonder, “How can I share interesting, informative conversation that would pique your curiosity and motivate you to read it?

How about the weather? That’s generally a safe subject and everyone has something to say about it.

Since moving back to the Pacific Northwest in 2006, I have survived more hot summers than I care to recall. I say survived because my body does not tolerate it well and it’s been hot, damn hot… For almost 30 years I traveled the U.S., living for some time in Florida, Louisiana, Arizona and Minnesota. Each one with its own version of scorching heat. Do you like hot wet or hot dry? You’ve got choices.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s been hot-wet. Seems to be getting hotter every year. Global warming? I don’t need statistics to know that something is happening. I once read that one day there'll be oranges growing in the Northwest. That was 25 years ago. I’d say we’re moving in that direction.

Back in the 70’s we were lucky if the temperature reached 70 degrees. My grandparents had a fruit orchard in the hot high desert of Eastern Washington and I loved to go there in the summer. The sunny, warm days were a welcome contrast to the cloudy, cool weather of the Pacific Coast.

When I heard the horrifying news that it would be 95 degrees or hotter last week I cringed. My mind immediately went into survival mode. Stock the fridge (make a big bowl of pasta salad), get the gardens watered and well-mulched, and revisit my summer routine:

  1. Open windows at night to cool off the house, close them before sunrise

  2. Do laundry at night

  3. Do any cooking at night

  4. Install air conditioners

  5. Shop, walk and visit friends early in the morning

Most importantly, stay cool.

Thankfully, there is a happier, lighter side to my hot weather conundrum. My “puppy child,” Scampy, LOVES hot weather. He'll sit- patiently supervising- in his stroller soaking up the sun while I garden in the cool shade of the early morning.

I recently heard someone say, "I'm very disappointed in the weather here, it's gotten so hot." While I agree, I know the heat will be short-lived and I have many blessings to count. For without the heat there would be fewer summer fruits and vegetables and the beautiful flowers that bloom only in the warmest of weather.

And the joy of knowing the "sun-worshipers" are warming their bones, while the harsh reality of winter and its rains are but a dim bitter memory.

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