Forgotten Truths

From the beginning of the spoken word we have shared our truths. Stories that showed our children and their children how to live; what foods to eat that will nourish our bodies, where to find fresh water that will quench the thirst and how to care for those we love.

Our ancestors kept the ‘story of us’ alive through memory and practice. From these truths our societies and cultures were created. These stories were words we lived by. Words that ensured our survival.

Yet today, we have forgotten these truths. The storytellers are gone, or perhaps just silent. What has happened to us? Where is our strength and determination to survive?

As I look out at a society that once seemed so proud, fearless in the face of challenges I ask, “Where have the storytellers gone?” Why has the human race drawn battle lines? Aren’t we all children of the same God/Creator?

We have forgotten the truth...

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