Are You Tilted? Is This Our Latest 21st Century "Dis-ease?"

You’re probably curious and wondering what “Tilt” is, right? I was too.

I ran across the word “Tilted” while reading one of my favorite cookbooks that I recommend often, “Whole Life Nutrition.” I instantly realized I had been tilted. It was a “tilting” of such magnitude, that it almost killed me.

According to Claudia S. Miller, M.D., immunologist/allergist, some people develop persistent, disabling symptoms resulting from exposure to a sick building, mold exposure, school, pesticides, certain drugs, or accidental chemical spills.

She poses a very important question, and one that could apply to other health issues such as certain types of cancer, [paraphrase] “Why doesn’t everyone exposed get sick, and why don’t those who do get sick, get better once exposure stops?”

She believes the answer lies in a new disease mechanism that most doctors have never heard of. (It took over a month for my own diagnosis.) “Tilt,” is the short term for “Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance.”

Interestingly, only some individuals are vulnerable and experience long-lasting symptoms.

Common Symptoms of "Tilt":

Fatigue, weakness, mood changes such as depression and extreme irritability, difficulties with memory and concentration. Also gastrointestinal, respiratory and skin problems.

I experienced all of these. Some days I barely made it through, others I prayed to die. My experience with “Tilt” is something I’ll share in a future article.

For those of you with children I urge you to visit our page Toxic World,” and peruse the video, “A Wake Up Story,” and its corresponding website. This latest 21st Century “dis-ease” is a lot more common than we know.

Are you tilted? Have you developed a tolerance for a food that has been in your diet and lifestyle for years, only to become allergic to it overnight? More on this story here.

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