But I Don’t Like to Exercise…

Healthy living isn’t easy. It’s even harder if you don’t like to exercise.

I admit it, I hate to exercise. I’ve never been the type that likes to sweat. Maybe it’s the discipline part that’s been my trouble. I’ve never been a regimented kind of person when it comes to exercise. I’m more mental than physical. I do yoga cause it’s pretty easy and I love the way it feels. I dance because I love music and it just naturally gets my body going. I walk because I love nature and so does my dog. I’ve tried the gym thing, it’s not for me, but hey, you might love it.

Maybe you’re the kind of person that needs inspiration? Working out with friends, taking a class, or engaging the help of a trainer might be right up your alley.

One thing’s for sure, IF YOU DON’T ENJOY IT, YOU WON’T DO IT!

That’s the secret to exercise.

Another secret? You’ve got to get your mind right.

You’ve got to decide you’re worth the effort and time it takes to work your body and get or keep it fit.

And if you’ve got some weight to lose, it’s gonna be a bit harder. Okay, a lot harder. Remember, virtually everything is possible.

Here’s some tips to get you started:

  1. . Drink plenty of water. That goes for everyone. If you’re not hydrated, you can’t think properly let alone have enough energy to work out.

  2. Start with a sensible plan. After you’ve figured out what kind of exercise you like to do, make a plan to do it at least 6 days a week. Go beyond your comfort zone. Don’t shoot for the moon. If your expectations are too high, you’ll set yourself up for failure.

  3. Pitch the junk food. No amount of exercise will cancel out processed foods and drinks. Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand.

  4. Place inspirational notes around your home. Words such as, “I Am perfect health,” or, “I Am perfect weight.” You have to convince your mind to make any new plan or dream a reality. If you don’t have any signs around your home reminding you to tell your Self how much you love you, get on it. It will make a world of difference in your life. As you think, so shall you be.

Easy Exercise You Just Might Like

Walking with friends (and your dog) instead of meeting for coffee, go to the park or mall during winter

Hike in nature with friends

Dancing is an awesome way to move your body! Dance like no one’s watching…

Yoga- Many different kinds to choose from and it’s EASY.

Biking- I have friends that bike rain or shine. Myself, I’ve never met a seat that my butt liked, but hey, you might really enjoy it.

Sign up for a dance or yoga class. Committing to a class will increase your chance of success.

It’s never too late to start moving. Get on it, because your life depends on it!

“A body in motion, stays in motion.” -Jan Pol


Fed Up- Entertaining dvd. It explains the science behind weight loss and diet.

Beginner’s Yoga with Reni

Lilas! Am & Pm Yoga Workouts for Seniors

Consult your healthcare practioner before beginning any exercise routine.

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