High Price of Cheap Food

Cheap food has lots of calories and taste. But it also comes at a high price. The real cost of cheap food is hidden behind your tax dollars, ecological damage and healthcare bills.

Unsustainable farming practices pollute the land and water with toxic chemicals, while patented genetic engineering technology distorts the very fabric of nature’s existence, its DNA, creating a worldwide explosion of agricultural mayhem and destruction.

Many are unaware that conventional farming and the animal meat industry is taking a terrible toll on the planet. Millions continue to eat cheap, chemical-laden, fast food, with the fantasy of farm animals happily frolicking across a pasture or heading for the coop to roost. Old McDonald’s farm exists only on the organic farm, where animals are raised humanely and food is grown in a manner that sustains the land without the use of toxic pesticides, hormones, human sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms and excessive fossil fuels.

Animals grown conventionally live in prison-like conditions that are contaminated and unnatural, making excessive antibiotic use mandatory, even for healthy animals. Over 70% of antibiotics are used in meat production which is passed on to the unsuspecting consumer. This has created a frightening scenario for the human population: antibiotic resistance to deadly strains of bacteria.

In the US, the meat packing industry is shrouded by the protection of the government where it has become a crime to “blow the whistle” on inhumane animal practices. Cruelty to animals in CAFOS (confined area feeding operations) is appalling.

From the crippling healthcare crisis to the devastation of natural resources, our rapacious drive to eat meat and “save money” are bankrupting the earth.

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