I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW: Perfect Vision Without Glasses

Eyes are the messenger of your world. What if you could change your eyesight? Would you improve it, if you knew it were possible?

Back in the early 90’s after reading the book “Ageless Body,Timeless Mind,” I had a paradigm shift that questioned everything I knew about aging. The studies made sense, yet I was skeptical. It’s my nature to question everything. In the old days we called the library to resolve information disputes. Today most of us “Google it.” Granted the accuracy may be questionable, but there’s often an internet trail that can get your hunt started…

It was 1993 and the stuff I was discovering knocked my cynical brain for a loop. This wasn’t just someone’s opinion or hypothesis; this stuff was actually documented with credible university studies.

My curiosity was more than piqued, so I went on a quest to learn more about this new science of aging.

My internet modus operandi hasn't changed in over 20 years, and I'm passing it on to you in hope that it'll help you find credible facts and sources.

When doing research I keep these factors in mind:


#2. Fact check while looking for similar data in several if not many, separate sources.

#3. Do not believe industry studies. Studies should ALWAYS come from independent preferably nonprofit organizations.

Keep this valuable bit of fact gathering information for future reference.

While we’ve all heard the expression, “Your eyes mirror (or are the window to) your soul," the eyes are a delicate, precious and vital gateway we use to experience the visual beauty of our world. The sense of sight is possibly the most important sense we possess, yet we’ve been conditioned to believe certain misinformed and useless information about the condition of our eyes as we age.

The most common misleading and harmful little tidbit we’ve all heard is this: Everyone needs reading glasses after 40. NOT true! It's the same as believing we’re all going to need hearing aids after age 60.

What it does prove is that the mind will achieve virtually EVERYTHING it believes.

For you data analyzers out there, you’ll love Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief.” It blows the lid off so-called theories about aging, genetic diseases, etc. It’s an interesting, entertaining and easy read.

When I first read the book “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind,” I was about 4 years away from "reading glasses." I had already decided I wasn’t one of the flock, and was determined NOT to wear any kind of eyeglasses on my 40th birthday. At that time I hadn’t yet made the connection between belief and eye health. I still believed nutrition was the only way to address it. I had always emphasized fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet with a focus on lutein and antioxidants. Today I realize the power of belief is equally important if not more so.

Two decades have passed and I still DO NOT wear eyeglasses of any sort. There are times when my eyes are a bit fuzzy or strained, but it’s generally when I’m tired or in dim light. For decades I have credited my near perfect eyesight to good nutrition, yogic eye exercises and meditation.

How can you improve or prevent the necessity for eyeglasses? Practice the Bates Method. It’s been around for a long time and according to our trusted sources, it works.

We happened to stumble upon it while doing some research. Anyone that spends hours a day at a desk knows that a computer screen takes a toll not only on various parts of the body, but on eyesight as well. With the Bates Method, ‘Nose Drawing’ in particular, we’ve been able to relieve eye strain and minimize neck and back aches as well.

There are various exercises within the method, however, our focus is here is nose drawing. It’s a simple procedure and so beneficial I’m sure once you’ve habituated it, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the relief you will feel in your neck, shoulders and more.

#1. While standing or sitting, close your eyes and visualize your nose being a pen, paint brush or other art utensil.

#2. Visualize your nose while turning your head back and forth in a horizontal motion. Now move your nose up and down, extending your head as far up and as far down as possible.

#3 Move your nose in a wide area as you draw small and large pictures. Continue moving your nose and use your imagination to create beautiful pictures, symbols, etc. Your thoughts are only on your nose. Keeping your mind focused on your nose, you will not be thinking of your neck or other areas that might be in pain.

#4. Take time throughout your day to perform nose drawing for several minutes.

Fun Eye Game to Try

For those of you that wear reading glasses, check this out!

Poke a tiny hole in a piece of paper. Look through the hole and read some text (without your glasses).

What do you see? Why do you think you see what you see?

If you can see clearly through the hole, please blog me a note down below and respond with your theory.

Disclaimer: Before beginning this exercise, consult with your healthcare practitioner.

Integral Eyesight Improvement- Bates Method eyesight improvement videos and vision coaching. Great website for those truly interested in recovering their eyesight.

Bates Method 101: Nose Drawing-This video gives detailed description of the benefits of nose drawing.

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