5 Words That Will Change Your Life

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with…

Your words are magic. Words are the vehicle you use to create heaven on earth, or a living hell. Your word influences your experiences; the events that create your life.

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote in his book, The Four Agreements, “Be Impeccable with Your Word. To be impeccable is to take responsibility for your actions, but you do not judge or blame yourself.”

While the meaning of the word impeccable, suggests perfection, faultless, or without error, the Latin interpretation, denotes “without sin.” Don Miguel explains this by saying, “Sin is anything you do against yourself.” For those of you new to the concept of thoughts/words having power (against yourself and others), consider these well-known phrases, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap,” or, “Judge not lest ye too be judged.”

Your mind has tremendous creative power. Comparable to a magical wand, and although you cannot see it, it works all the time. I’d like to offer this idea for you to nurture as seeds of perception in your mind, thoughts become things.

A good example of how your thoughts manifest into actions is when you're thinking of a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and out of the blue they call, or you run into them by accident. Conversely, when you think badly of someone, the negative energy that follows your words comes back to you.

There are times when we fall into the trap of negativity. Unaware that we are caught up in the ego's desire to spread malicious gossip, we gravitate to others that feed our negativity and justification for the ill-will we have bestoyed upon another.

How you might ask? While it may not be immediately apparent at the time, you might try an experiment. Observe the result of a negative thought the next time you have one and see what happens. Negative actions tend to spiral downward; attracting more and more negative thoughts and events.

Why would anyone wish another ill with their mean words? What seems innocent in conversation is often a habitual routine that engages the ego by drawing the unsuscepting soul into the illusion of superiority. An illusion that began before we could speak the word. Our parents, teachers and others trained us to believe their truths. Their beliefs and values shaped our thoughts, defined who we would become. And how we would think.

The basis or foundation of negative judgment stems from our sense of self. For when we judge others we are but mirroring judgment of ourselves.


Parents can unknowingly, create devastating injustice to their children by emotionally damaging them with their poisonous words. A parent with little or no self love will abuse (with destructive food habits, neglecting their bodies, etc.) not only themselves with their words but also their innocent children.

I know a brilliant woman, as a child she lived in fear of ridicule and shame. And although she was a bright child with many amazing ideas and abilities, she kept them to herself. She grew up with a silent voice. She believed the lies she had heard. She did not believe in her greatness, her brilliance, her self-worth. Many decades later she is waking up to her Self; to her worthiness and her spirit's yearning to express her creativity that has lain dormant for many years.

Poisonous words during childhood cloud the mind. They cause judgment of ourselves and others and create a life that is hell on earth.

"Thoughts have the ability to create peace, they can also create destruction."

Alternatively, observe the results of your positive thoughts. Being consciously aware of your thoughts increases your emotional awareness and gives you control over your response to any given event in your life.

The first time I read The Four Agreements in early 2000, I wondered how this little book, with its simplistic advice, could have a profound effect on my life. As I studied it each day, I became a better student. I was driven by a desperate desire to feel happy and live a life of freedom. As I began to awaken to the power of my thoughts, I endeavored to be much like a scientist standing from afar observing the conversation. I soon began to see the effect my words were having upon every interaction in my life.

Equally important, I was learning how others’ words were affecting my life and the power they had on me. Our minds are impressionable. Adults are not as easy to persuade perhaps as a child, however, with constant and steady “*engineering of consent,” such as radio and television advertising propaganda, most people will believe what they are told. Even to the point that the beliefs (lies) cause bodily harm. This is the case today with the pharmaceutical, industrial food, and chemical (beauty, pest mgmt., cleaning products, etc.) industries.

Using your word for good, clears the mental poison so that your life and all your relationships are kind and loving. “To be impeccable with your word” is to use your words for truth: to love yourself and ultimately to love others.

Endeavor to be impeccable with your word. Keep this agreement and you will be free. You will be liberated from the ego's limitations and oppression. Your kind, loving words produce a lightness of being that frees the soul and mind from judgment and self-recrimination. Impeccability inspires a life that is Heaven on Earth.

"The love you have in your mind and heart is always expressed in your word, thought and deed."


The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

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Don Miguel Ruiz: Why You Should Always Be Impeccable with Your Word – YouTube Video

*According to Edward Bernays, the 20th Century propaganda genius, “the engineering of consent” is defined as the art of manipulating people, specifically Americans, whom Bernays described as “fundamentally irrational” and not to be trusted.

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