Honey: A Sweet Illusion

Once considered nectar of the Gods, honey has become another tainted and poisonous food crop throughout the world.

Imagine cute little bears filled with honey, much more than honey... Many contain lead, milk sugar, high fructose corn syrup, Round Up (thanks for the glyphosate poison, Monsanto!), and a host of other pesticides, herbicides and toxins. Not surprising, the U.S. imports much of its honey from other countries. This so called “funny honey,” is a cheap answer to the industrial food’s quest for more artificial flavorings to flavor their processed junk food. Next time you see a box of Honey-Nut Cheer... or some other processed food with a cute little bee on it, think again, you may be getting more than honey…

A single honeybee can fly over 6 miles in search of nectar. If you’re buying store bought honey you can just about guarantee it’s full of toxic ingredients. Furthermore, you’d have to live in a remote area to find honey that is 100% pure.

Naïve homeowners do not realize that the chemicals they are using have devastating effects on honeybee populations (especially TOXIC Round Up, which is banned in most countries). Next time you reach for a poison to protect your home and yard, consider the fact that one out of every three bites of food you eat is dependent upon honeybee pollination.

When shopping for honey seek out local, raw, unfiltered sources.

Avoid store bought honey, unless it's from a source you trust.

Food fraud is a growing problem in today’s grocery stores as you'll see in this video.




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