Fluoride and Other Chemicals in Your Drinking Water Could Be Wreaking Your Health

Have you ever wondered about the quality of your water? You turn on the tap, expecting it to be there on demand. Often taking it for granted, not questioning its purity, after all, our government wouldn’t allow anyone to poison us, or would they?

Many people throughout the world, do not have access to fresh drinking water. For those of us in developed countries, drinking water is readily available, yet shockingly, poisonous.

Water, so vital to survival, we can’t survive without it. Yet, it is harming and even killing us. The deliberate use of fluoride and other harmful chemicals in our drinking water has spread to many communities in the United States. Most developed countries do not use it. Their governments are not controlled by chemical industries, as is the case in the U.S. Our Environmental Protection Agency does not have the authority nor resources to test or contest the chemical industries (which includes agricultural corporations) that use our drinking water as their dumping grounds.

We have uncovered documents that reveal the nefarious acts of those without conscience. You’ll also read what the EPA has to say about the health risks and consequences of fluoride and dozens of other damaging chemicals that we consume every day.

At Eden’s Corner we strive to bring you credible facts and know that knowledge is power. You deserve accurate information to make intelligent decisions to safeguard you and your family.


Poisonous Truth – Your Water and Your Health

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