Baby Personal Care Company is NO Family...

It’s on the shelf, it has to be safe, right? My government wouldn’t let anyone harm my child. Would they?

For decades their baby products have been poisoning vulnerable children. I must have seen their innocent television commercials a hundred times. I’ve even heard them say their safe and gentle, with no tears.

They claim to be a family company. Sounded good to me. But should I believe everything just because it’s on television and there’s a smiling young woman bathing her happy baby?

This so-called “family company” is the same one that created a subsidiary to market the neurotoxic artificial sweetener, Splenda.

Here’s a tidbit for those of you on the fence about Splenda. According to the site, Lawyers and, "The sweetening ingredient in Splenda, is a man-made chlorocarbon and that a complex process is required to first convert sucrose (sugar) into a number of different intermediary chemicals before using "phosgene gas - a deadly weapon used during World War II - as the chlorinating agent to yield sucralose." Their claim, "Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar," and "Good for the whole family." Does that sound like a family company?

Let’s take a look at two of their most popular baby products on the market today. Their advertising dollars are well spent, and the added “a family company,” as the ad closer is a nice touch. Just gives you the warm and fuzzes, doesn’t it? That good feeling will fade when you look at how gentle and safe their “baby products” really are.

Here’s what the Environmental Working Group found after analyzing these two products:

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Ingredient Concerns:

Overall Hazard

Allergies & immunotoxicity

Use Restrictions

High Hazard:

Irritation to skin, eyes or lungs

Misc. organ system toxicity

Does that sound like a safe and gentle product? It’s full of harmful, unregulated and untested chemicals. I wouldn’t want that on my baby.

Another popular “family product” is their baby lotion. I used to love the smell. Fortunately, for my children, I was a fringe dweller and skeptical about any label I didn’t understand.

Here what EWG found:

Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion

Ingredient Concerns:

Overall Hazard Moderate

Allergies & immunotoxicity

Use restrictions

Other High Concerns:

Irritation to skin, eyes or lungs

Persistence and bioaccululation- bioaccumulation occurs when an organism absorbs a – possibly toxic – substance at a rate faster than that at which the substance is lost by catabolism and excretion.

Organ system toxicity

No words can express the shock and horror of what I have found.

Why is this unscrupulous chemical company getting away with maiming and possibly killing children? In this corrupt country, "regulators" often work for the government, then resign and work for the chemical companies, and frequently return to their jobs with the government. (Revolving Door Policy) Deep pockets of corruption have infiltrated virtually every level of government and industry in America. When profits are greater than liability costs a product is allowed to stay on the shelf.

Please visit EWG’s Skindeep Database and to learn about the products you're using on your body and those of your children.

You can also check your cleaning products, food and more to see how they rate. Vulnerable children and pregnant mothers are most at risk.

At Eden’s Corner we care for the health of you and our planet. We have carefully chosen products that protect yet do not poison or harm.

Please visit Eden’s Store and Toxic World for more information and products that are effective and safe for you and the planet.

You can affect a change in the world by buying products that do not poison you or the environment. People supporting unethical corporations are driving their products and their shareholder's profits.

Please help save your family and the families of the future. Knowledge and empowerment is our key to survival.

“When you know better, you do better.” -Maya Angelou

For more on story and Johnson & Johnson's Product Liability report (there are currently over 50,000 lawsuits against them).

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