Dangers of Pet Food

If you’re still feeding your pets commercial pet food you may want to reconsider. Here’s a few reasons for you to reevaluate the “cheap” brand you’ve been buying. Or maybe you’ve been paying the “big bucks” because the deceiving television ads and flashy packaging claim it’s “wholesome and balanced” and so delicious your pet will love it.

Like most food products designed to feed people, the bulk of it is garbage. Today, disease and early death is plaguing our pets too. The quality of most commercial pet food is not only poor, it’s downright toxic and dangerous. With the surge in popularity of “pet prescriptions,” it’s evident unscrupulous corporations (industrial food & chemical industries) have infiltrated and corrupted our animal’s food and medicine supply as well.

Granted, commercial pet food has had a bad reputation for many years. Typically, it comprises the dregs of leftover animal body parts so ghastly, it makes a hot dog look good.

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