Casualties of the Chemical Revolution

The end of World War II ushered in the chemical revolution while slowly phasing out a way of life that had fostered health and healing for many generations. Time tested medicines, in addition to natural beauty and cleaning products, were slowly perceived as outmoded and ineffective. The brainwashing began. *“Engineering consent” crept over the masses like a hazy fog, manipulating beliefs, values and common sense.

Left over chemicals and war technology spawned a toxic environment. Private industry used this technology in addition to cheap petroleum based products to create a bouquet of barbwire destined to be humanity and the environment’s undoing. Initially these chemicals were used as pesticides, DDT, for example. Greedy corporations, foreseeing a goldmine in profits, expanded their application to virtually every level of consumer product on the market today.

Scientists have no idea how to quantify the magnitude of their collective damage to our health and that of the world. No thorough testing has been done and it may be generations before we understand the magnitude of this erroneous plot by the American Chemistry Council to rake in as much profit as is humanly possible (no pun intended). We’re all a part of another human experiment, right out of a horror movie.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, every 13 seconds a poison control center responds to a possible poisoning. 90% of these exposures happen in the home.

Common causes of poisoning in young children:

**Cosmetics- 13,000 chemicals are used in cosmetics

Personal care products

Household cleaning products

Pain relievers

Common causes of poisoning among adults:

Pain relievers

Prescription drugs


Cleaning Products


Unfortunately, in a country with virtually no regulation of harmful chemicals, Americans are handling them without reading labels and storing them where they’re not only in reach of children but emitting toxic fumes. Oblivious to their toxicity, we are poisoning our families and our earth while supporting an industry with no moral conscience.

Fortunately, you have choices. You can choose nontoxic, effective products to keep you and your family safe, and protect the environment as well.

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*Engineering Consent- common technique used in media advertising to slowly affect the beliefs and values of the public's opinion around any issue that concerns corporate America and their bottom line.


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**Ecco Bella Cosmetics, a company with integrity. Inspired by compassion for all living things and formulated with the purest of ingredients.

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