Toxic Chemicals Lurking in Your Home

Everyday we are poisoned by an industry with no regard to human life. Ruthless chemical corporations and their shareholder’s profits have surpassed compassion for the health of you, your family and our planet. Our government has been corrupted and deceived; while immoral corporations control the purse strings and are free to poison unsuspecting citizens that have been brainwashed by an unscrupulous media whose sole intent is to sell products. Products that cause harm and potential death.

We have been programmed to believe the lie that we are protecting our homes when we use toxic chemicals to clean our counters, our windows and our floors. Dazzled by the bull, we buy into their colorful, joyful little diddies singing the praises of how clean and fresh our home, clothes or body will smell. Television theatrics right out of Edward Bernays' playbook.

Have we bothered to look at the labels? Or do we blindly trust the product is safe as we spray the air with “nice smelling” chemicals and wipe counters with germ killing poisons designed to keep us safe. Safe from what? Those germ killing chemicals are killing us, not germs.

It gets worse. Unregulated chemicals are not only in your cleaning products, but in you clothing, water, food, cosmetics, and patent drugs. They're present in most bath and skincare products and A LOT of other places you wouldn't imagine.

If you’re pregnant or have children at home it is crucial you become educated, take action, and understand which chemicals may not only disrupt your child’s development, but cause cancer and death as well. Children are especially vulnerable to chemicals that are hidden in foods. There are over 10,000 food additives in processed foods. And as many as 3,000 chemicals in a typical processed (junk) breakfast cereal. Another reason to eat organic. Organic may at times seem expensive, but can you really put a price on your life or the life of your child? If you don't pay now, you will pay later. And later may be too late. Visit here to understand which fruits & vegetables your child must avoid and why, if they are not organic.

Let’s talk about the over 80,000 chemicals on the market, of which only 200 have been tested. Many are registered with the EPA as toxic substances. And many of these hazardous cancer causing compounds are in your food and in your water.

Why is this allowed to happen without our consent? Actually, that’s the paradox. Because you aren’t aware of the dangers and are being misled by nefarious companies advertising their products as the next best thing to sliced bread, you’ve bought it. Literally. And it’s harming you, your family and the planet.

There is a powerful entity called the Manufacturing Chemists’ Association. It represents chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical conglomerates. Collectively, their money buys A LOT of votes in Washington. Remember the lobbyist? With their help, the chemical industry has successfully weakened and blocked science-based health, environmental and workplace protections at every level.

Many of the chemicals used in everyday products from shampoo to antibacterial soap are registered with the EPA as toxic chemicals. For instance, Triclosan, commonly used in antibacterial soap, is a registered pesticide. Sodium lauryl sulfate, a common ingredient in shampoo is also a pesticide and used in dog & cat flea shampoo.

According to the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, more than 30 years of environmental health studies have led to a growing consensus that chemicals are indeed contributing to many diseases and disorders including:


Breast Cancer

Brain Cancer and Childhood Cancers

Infertility and Difficulty Maintaining a Pregnancy

Learning and Developmental Disabilities

In the following series we’ll discuss some simple ways you can protect your family without poisoning them.

Follow this basic rule of thumb when it comes to dangerous, unregulated poisons and start cleaning your home of toxic chemicals today.

READ THE LABEL ON EVERY PRODUCT YOU BUY!! If it’s in your home, throw it out!! Please read the label and discard the toxic substance responsibly.

Continue use and discard any product that states:




Fatal or Harmful if Swallowed or Inhaled

We'll share more on cleaning up your home environment; what you can substitute for toxic products and how you can affect a change in your home and the world.


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