Gratitude: The Great Game Changer

The great game is your life. How you play it depends on the story you tell yourself. Do you look at life seeing the good and the beauty (with love) or do you see through the eyes of its evil twin, fear? Are you constantly dredging up bad memories, telling the same old stuff that makes you feel like crap? Or do you look at the simple blessings all around you?

Whether you’re feeling happy or sad, much depends on your “attitude of gratitude.” The majority of Americans and the world, have been conditioned to be fearful. If you have a habit of relying on television or others for information you’re really in trouble.

Don’t listen to negative input from others if you want to feel happy and peaceful. The two emotions are diametrically opposed. It’s okay to be informed. You just don’t want to be inundated with fearful stories of doom and gloom. How can you feel good and grateful for anything if you’re feeling bad?

I haven’t watched television in years, save for movies that educate, inform and lightly entertain. I know everything that’s going on out there in the “real world.” As a matter of fact, I know more because what’s really “happening” you won’t learn from television, newspapers or your neighbors. (Unless they're Fringe Dwellers:)

You change your game for the better with every good feeling thought that graces your mind. When you show gratitude for even the little things, you just feel better. And everyone knows when you express appreciation you get more wonderful things to be thankful for.

"Thousands of years of literature talk about the benefits of cultivating gratefulness as a virtue,” says University of California psychology professor Robert Emmons.

How do you change a game that has decades of unhappy memories?

One thought at a time. Train yourself to see the blessings in everything. Hey, even Mother Teresa had to practice to get to where she is.

When you awaken in the morning say, “Thank you.”

If you’re used to complaining or worse, turning on the television to see what calamity has struck the country, instead, go look out of the window, read an inspiring quote, or close your eyes and count your blessings.

These good feelings will set the tone for the day and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. When you say, “Thank you,” be sincere. Keep looking for things to be grateful for. Good health, a sunny day, eyes to see, friends, good food. Sometimes it’s the simple things like the smell of a flower, or a bird at your feeder...

Mind your mind for if you don’t you’ll be roller coasting off the edge of a cliff, only to find your body tense and your brow knitted in a hundred knots. So don’t entertain negative thoughts. Take control of your mind!

The art of thanksgiving is one of the most important skills a human being can develop. Practice every day and soon it will be a habit that will positively change your game and everyone around you.

As you move through your day, whether you are cleaning or creating, strive to feel good. Feeling good will lead you to your purpose and a peaceful, happy life; your reason for being on this magnificent earth!

"Thoughts have the ability to create Peace, they can also create destruction." -Reni

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