Seeds of Possibility

On a crisp morning as I paused during a walk with my doxie, Scampy, I noticed buds on a tree. “It’s only January,” I thought. At once I felt a sense of union, a tranquility that reminded me of the parallel we share with nature.

This magnificent tree in its winter slumber, was covered in flower buds. New growth that inspires my hope, and promise of the coming spring.

Don’t we also carry a seed of hope, of possibility? Seeds that when nurtured germinate, and blossom at the precise time for our highest good? Producing vast rewards for a creative bounty that fulfills the soul and inspires others?

We all bring to this life the promise of creation. As creative beings we are forever seeking our innate talents; often carrying unrealized potential as if it were a burden. Dissatisfied with life we look to outward sources to give meaning to our lives, which creates even more unhappiness as we become more unauthentic.

We can learn much from nature. Nature does not struggle to grow, expand, blossom. Nor does nature fight amongst itself. It exists to express beauty and creativity.

Everything is possible when you know you have the seeds of creation within you. And when you discover you are a most beautiful being created for a divine purpose.

It took me decades to come to this realization. What liberation when you know you have the power to create your own life! The answers are not so elusive, better yet, the questions come…

The world needs you and the world is patiently waiting…

“There’s nothing that weighs heavier on the heart,

than the burden of potential.” -Reni

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