New Year, New You!

With the “New Year” approaching, many of us are focusing our thoughts on making lifestyle resolutions, home improvement goals, and the like. Whether it’s tradition or a part of the conditioned mindset among the masses, we can all agree this time of the year we reflect on the past and look forward to brighter days with renewed enthusiasm for the future.

Even if you’re at your “ideal weight” and have reached your health goals, there is always room for improvement. Or perhaps you want to begin a new exercise program, reconnect with an old friend, or remodel your kitchen or bathroom?

Every decision begins with a thought. One thought that leads to another and another, until you find yourself making a list and making a plan. The mechanism behind your plan? Inspiration and motivation. Everyone needs inspiration, we long to be “inspired.” Feeling inspired ignites our passion to create ideas and to find purpose and satisfaction in what we do and accomplish in life.

Your “New Year” plans and goals will have a greater success rate if you not only follow a plan, but feel positive, excited, and encouraged as you begin, follow through, and either complete (as in a building project) or continue with your exercise and dietary routine that will become a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve vowed to get off junk food or any other substance you know is compromising your health? Here again, you need a plan. The mind has the best of intentions and your resolve may be strong initially, but you’ve got a strong, not-so-silent partner called your ego. Some favorite words of the ego are, "I’ll diet tomorrow."

Don’t do it. Diets seldom work. Peruse the article below, "5 Reasons Diet Don't Work."

Everyone knows there's a self-defeating part of the brain that wants you to give in, to ignore your common sense and basically tell yourself you’re not worthy of whatever. Hey, don’t get me wrong, your ego can save your life. It can get you out a jam if you’re being chased by an angry bear… It can also sabotage your best intentions.

Here’s a few New Year’s Resolutions for you. I practice these and it looks like a lot of other people do too:

1. Practice Self-Awareness

It’s what we absolutely must do if we want to preserve ourselves. Keep your thoughts in check. Avoid negative thoughts; the ego may tell you, “It’s okay, just eat one,” or, “You deserve to take a couple days off from exercising, you did real good last time.” You get the picture.

2. Become a Deep Practitioner in Something

Obviously, it needs to be something you enjoy that will enhance and benefit your life.

My choice is meditation. Like I’ve said before, “It’s the only vacation you’ll ever get.” One of the many benefits of meditation is that it raises your tolerance to bull… There is an inner peace that stays with you all day when you practice consistently. And no, it’s not difficult or weird.

Yoga is another tool that virtually everyone can do and its effects greatly improve one’s quality of life.

3. Eliminate Complaining

This one is HUGE.

Whether you understand the Law of Attraction or not, complaining negatively impacts your life. Observe people you know that complain all the time. Their lives are filled with people and circumstances that bring more people and stuff into their lives to complain about. It’s an energy thing and it’s real. When you're not complaining you're being grateful. Feeling gratitude brings you more things to feel grateful for.

You were created for a divine purpose. If you don’t have a dream, get on it! There is so much to learn and create!

“There is nothing heavier than the burden of potential.” –Reni


Meditation-Free Your Mind

Sense of Purpose: Define What and Who You Want to Be- Stephen R. Covey

5 Reasons Diets Don't Work


May health be your journey, and wellness your blessing.

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