The Holidays are Over, What’s Next?

Relax… You’ve earned it.

The mad rush to finish your to-do list has ended. The ceaseless mental notes you’ve been taking can be crumpled up and thrown away.

The “sugar season” is over, time to give the oven a break. Sit down, take a deep breath, and count your blessings. You survived another holiday season.

It’s behind you. Now what? Will you make a list of the things you want to accomplish in the new year? Vow to go on that diet you’ve been talking about since Thanksgiving? Take a juice fast? (That’s the path we’ll be taking soon, I’m sure.) Clean out the closets? Get some sleep?

Many people feel renewed, even relieved after the holidays.

While others experience sadness. It seems to be pretty common I hear (and have read). I can certainly understand why. There’s such a big lead up to the holidays. All the gatherings, decorations, well wishes from friends, even strangers.

If you find yourself blue after the holidays, try these tips to lift your sadness:

1. Find yourself depressed because a loved one is no longer with you?

Be mindful of memories that bring past feelings of sadness. The holidays can make us feel vulnerable and we may actually mourn the loss of someone dear, or a relationship that has ended. To heal from the pain, you may consider reflecting on positive times and feelings shared with those you miss. Accept life as it is and vow to make yours happier and healthier. Make plans to get together with others. Invite friends over for a meal, to play games or to watch a movie. If you’re a recluse, you might sign up for a class, or a library event. Get entertained.

2. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve gained weight.

Everyone gets off track with their eating plan. Bring healthy food into your home. Remind yourself daily that you are important, loving and capable of eating healthy. Start or continue your exercise routine. Exercise with a friend for companionship and encouragement.

3. Create realistic New Year’s goals.

If you’re planning on making New Year’s resolutions, make sure they’re ones you’ll stick to. Be kind to yourself. How do you see your life in the coming year? Write it down, make it happen. Read some good books to get and keep you on a plan to success. Your success begins with you. Only you.

Take care of your health by eating well, engaging in positive experiences, exercising and getting enough sleep.

We wish you all a peaceful and healthy New Year!

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