Your Life is in Your Hands

We have entered a new era in medicine. There is a shift of empowerment as we begin to take control over our own health and healing. The old paradigm looked at the human body as a machine; separate from the mind and spirit. The new paradigm sees the body as it is, interconnected; the mind, body, and spirit being one.

From the moment we are born we’re programmed to rely on outside influences for our healing. Conventional medicine has been frightfully inadequate. For how can one ever expect to be healed if they are not taught to care for themselves? Drugs given to mask symptoms do not address malnutrition or toxicity. This path of healing only creates more illness as other symptoms manifest. The existing health crisis has been an awakening for many people. And we are beginning to understand that in order to heal ourselves we must tap into the incredible pharmacy within us and utilize the vast array of time-tested healing modalities that are available.

There are many things you can do to facilitate your healing. The foundation of vibrant health is diet and lifestyle. A healthy diet and lifestyle leads to a more stable physiology. It is quite evident from countless studies that a daily intake of fruits (20%) and vegetables (70%) provide the body with optimal protection from heart disease, various cancers and all diseases in general caused by malnutrition.

Avoiding processed foods, will not only help you feel better, but will protect you from accelerated aging and illness!

Organically grown produce is best as it is what nature (God) intended for us. I remember when all produce was called, "food." The majority was grown without chemicals and other foreign toxins. Why did we ever think it was okay to eat anything but naturally grown foods?

That's another story, but I'll give you a hint if you're the curious, investigative type, Edward Bernays...

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