The Treasure Within

In 1976 I was a very young mother struggling to find myself; to discover the “me” that I sensed was there (here). I knew there was more to me than this meat suit I carried around, but she was someone I rarely caught glimpses of. And someone I wanted to know.

I say “find myself,” because in essence that is what we’re all seeking, the one that exists within. Often spending a lifetime frantically searching outside ourselves, for what we already possess; that which we want, need or have. Okay, that’s another story…

We just don’t realize we’ve been looking for ourselves until the day we look into a mirror, smile, and say, “Hi, I love you.” Or something like that. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, that’s okay. You will one day.

At this pivotal moment in my life, my son was barely six months old and he was my world. His needs I conveniently used to take precedence over my own. Of course it didn’t always work. I would find myself fighting off bouts of depression while desperately attempting to create a bubble of peace and serenity around him.

He was an intelligent child (every mother thinks that, right?) and would sit in his high chair for atypical periods of time watching the PBS series, “Sesame Street.”

One day I noticed an advertisement for an upcoming show, “Lilas, Yoga & You.” From the first show I was hooked. I was mesmerized by this soft-spoken woman with long braid and a gentle rhythm to her body that evoked a wisdom I could not comprehend.

Yoga became my obsession. An obsession that would not only alter the course of my life but preserve my sanity as well. Lilas inspired me to practice daily and study yoga at my local college.

Children and babies love yoga and what a wonderful way to bond and grow with your child.

There have been times in my life when I have regressed, (ignored my yoga practice) forgotten who I was (a spiritual being having a human experience) and the necessity to stay in balance. I like to believe those days are behind me.

Yoga is not just about getting your flexibility back, it’s about meeting and joining your mind, body and spirit, often, for the first time.

My first teacher, Lilas Folan, is recognized as the first lady of yoga. She’s also regarded as one of America’s most knowledgeable and beloved yoga teachers. Throughout her 40 plus year career, she has inspired countless individuals to a practice that when habituated leads to greater peace and sense of well-being. Time magazine has called her the “Julia Child” of yoga.

This DVD is especially helpful for those new to yoga and anyone looking to increase flexibility, slow the aging process, diminish aches and pains and enhance well-being.

Namaste everyone, and welcome to yoga!

“Your greatest discovery in life is finding the treasure that is within you.” -Reni

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