The World Speaks

When we gathered with friends and family last week to celebrate a day of Thanksgiving I shared a bit of our daily lives as “social networkers.”

“In the morning we begin with Facebook, we love to laugh and there’s always something there to enjoy.” Those of you who “Facebook” know what I’m talking about. The jokes, the heartfelt laughter, it’s a great way to start the day.

As I looked around it was immediately apparent the people who understood and those who didn’t.

I went on to say, “Later on in the day we “Tumble”, “Reddit,” “Pin” (as in Pinterest) and “Google Plus.” There were a few sets of rolled eyes in the room and conspiring smiles, but I wasn’t miffed. I didn’t take it to heart. After all, they just don’t get it, and that’s okay.

We Tumble to be inspired, entertained (the photography is amazing), informed, share Eden’s Corner content, and meet the most interesting people from all over the world.

Reddit, depending upon your interest or niche, which we have quite a few of, introduces you to all kinds of people with various perspectives on every subject you can imagine. They lead you to the most fascinating websites and later when back on Reddit you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and/or observations with others. You can also comment on their comments. Very interesting!

Google Plus is becoming one of the most diverse, visually stunning and engaging social media sites to date. There we create circles of friends, family, acquaintances and communities of leaders relevant to our interests/niches. There are many fascinating videos to share with our Eden’s Corner Family and the graphics are captivating and enlightening.

I ended my conversation with Pinterest, saying, “Late in the evening we Pin. Pinterest is where we engage in the sharing of ideas, stories, and marvel at the pictures.” The heartfelt words and pictures on Pinterest inspire us to write and create beautiful quotes and share resources we have lived and gathered at Eden’s Corner.

What’s next? Well, soon we’ll be engaging in Instagram, and making YouTube videos. Stay tuned. There more connections to be made and more people to meet. The world speaks…

Where are you from? What social networks inspire you? Tell us about your favorite social media sites.

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