The Kitchen Cupboard

I once looked upon domestic chores with such disdain and regret.

“Was it the repetitious, mundane act of cleaning, cooking and sorting that was driving me mad?,” I asked. Oh yes, I was a bit crazy back then, I admit it. I hadn’t woken up to the past that was haunting my present moments, driving my life with its wake.

No, I was asleep. I did not know I was on earth for a reason. A certain purpose that would ensure my happiness.

I began looking for it everywhere. It certainly wasn’t in the chaos; the disorganization I saw around me. Or was it?

Why the Kitchen Cupboard?

Let me show you…

The cupboard is where the memories reside. Like archives filed away, bits of the past shattered and disheveled over the years.

Why as women are we keepers of this archive, destined to be its sorter of things? Some assign or resign themselves to this task, perhaps out of duty or pleasure.

The cupboard is not a place I go looking for it is always on my mind. More details taking space, taking precedence over my ideas and thoughts that express creation.

One knows the day of reckoning will come, when it will be unearthed.

All those memories spilling out like dirt from a cracked flower pot.

Memories to discard, memories to clean, memories to disown.

This cleansing is a catharsis of the soul, a purification that happens out of sheer desperation for closure; an end to the constant beckoning, that brings renewal.

Like spring after a long cold winter. A time when all is new and in its place, ready to become old again.

A memory, an archive, a dark space in the clutter of one’s mind.

I suppose we all have a closet or a junk drawer that screams at us for order, for organization. This is what I’ve realized: The stuff, the cluttered spaces are but a mirror into one's mind and thoughts.

What inspires you to clean out a long forgotten closet or drawer? Share your thoughts...

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