Conspiracy or Another Erin Brockovich Story?

Many do it every day. Most don’t know, some don’t care.

Water, we can’t live without it. It is our most vital nutrient needed for EVERY bodily function yet it is often overlooked, often taken for granted.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding water and its safety. How do you know your water is safe to drink? What about bottled water? Is it safe because it’s in a bottle and says, “Spring Fresh?”

We’re going to share some facts that are hard to imagine, let alone believe are actually happening to unsuspecting citizens like you.

When my husband Rick began his research for this article he would stop periodically and say, “You won’t believe what I found!” We spent days in a bewildered haze fueled by shock and disgust as we came across document after document describing similar horrifying facts. Facts that have been kept secret for decades despite hushed lawsuits and town outcries that echo conspiracy, conspiracy reminiscent of “Erin Brockovich.”

Continue reading for the truth. The poisonous truth, what’s really in your water.

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