My Cat is Sick, What Should I Do?

First thing, you run to the vet. Of course, they’re the professional and they have all the answers. Or do they? Not always.

My cat suffered for years until I found a vet that suggested a specific diet. Within days of introducing the “new diet,” he was well- no vomiting and no blood in his urine- my beloved Aries boy never suffered another bout of cystitis or ill health. He died, just months short of his 20th birthday.

My hope in sharing the following story is to save you anguish, countless vet bills and a (potentially) miserable life for your pet. This is an incredible story of Ann and her sweet feline Duke. Together they endured 6 years of torturous pain and frustration as she desperately searched for answers to a disease that ravaged his body. A disease that created a wretched existence for a helpless animal and one no pet parent should ever have to witness.

Please read Ann’s story.​ It may very

well save you both years of misery

and give you many quality years together.

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