Juice Saved My Family’s Life

The juicing craze is sweeping across the

globe at such a pace there is hardly a soul that hasn’t encountered someone who is juicing. Now I’m not saying it’s crazy to juice, I’m saying it’s very popular. Unlike most diets that don't work, juicing actually addresses most causes of illness (malnutrition) by supplying much needed nutrients that are impossible to get from the Standard American Diet or SAD. It’s pretty sad alright. Juicing also alleviates hunger, because the body is finally being nourished and its nutritional needs are being met.

Many years ago a friend of mine sent me a letter. She was very passionate about the healthy lifestyle she had adopted and ended with the words, “And I’m juicing!” At the time I couldn’t understand what she meant by juicing and its significance, let alone warrant an exclamation point. I love words and always look for their meaning. I didn’t get it, and while I’m a very visual person nothing substantial came to mind upon reading those words.

Today, I’ve read a lot about juicing and made thousands of juice drinks. I don’t drink juice for every meal (that’s called a reboot, or as we call it, a reset) but I do drink juice or a smoothie every day. We also include wheatgrass and spirulina in our morning smoothies. Spirulina has the highest quality and quantity of protein than anything else on the planet. When I can’t get to my juicer I drink raw, organic, powdered wheatgrass to nourish my body, which is very helpful when you're away from home.

There are so many benefits to juicing; imagine perfect health and vitality, that’s what pure nourishment does for the body.

When we nourish and detoxify the body, it heals, virtually all of the time. For delicious juices check out our favorites at Eden's Paradise Juice Bar.

Yes, juice saved my family’s life, the details, well, that’s another story…

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