Is This Everyday Seasoning Poisoning You?

Simply Organic Spices

After 40 plus years I thought I had a pretty good handle on foods and nutrition. How in the world did this one get passed me? I knew it wasn't healthy, but I had no idea just how bad it really is.

Who would have thought

this "innocent seasoning"

could contribute to so

many health problems?

Fortunately, there's Himalayan Pink Salt. It's a healthy alternative with many health benefits.

Here are some of the great things it does for you:

Regulates healthy sleep patterns

Aids in weight loss

Prevention of muscle cramps

Promotes bone strength

Supports respiratory health

Promotes sinus health

Helps the intestines absorb nutrients, which aids in supplying the body with energy and much more.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Read our article, "Is Salt Good?" for the real truth about table salt and why you'll want to eat Himalayan Pink Salt instead.

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