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Quit Junk Food for Good 

You’re ready to quit junk food for good. Your health is going downhill fast and you think your diet may be to blame. You love junk foods and drinks and wonder if it’s really possible to stop eating the foods you’ve come to love and crave.


You could go to a junk food rehab, or better yet, follow these guidelines.

Arms crossed and determined to quit junk food.

1. Make Up Your Mind to Quit


Kicking any bad habit takes effort and persistence. To be successful you must begin with retraining your mind. Your thoughts are powerful and have brought you to this stage of your life. Learning techniques to control your mind is absolutely essential to getting off the junk food for good.


Emotional intelligence, that is, being aware of your thoughts and how they make you feel is crucial to making positive decisions and choices around food.


Your life is in your hands, and what goes into your mouth will either feed illness or feed wellness. You have only one decision to make: Do I want to be healthy and feel good, or do I want to feed my addiction and succumb to sickness? 



2. Understand WHY You Crave Junk Food


Two main reasons you crave junk food. Subliminal media brainwashing commercials and addictive chemicals in food products.

Addictive chemicals- over 10,000 used in commercial foods- cause your brain and stomach to override your common sense.

There’s a well calculated and highly profitable science behind junk food that has taken addiction to a whole new level. Like a heroin addict or alcoholic, the chemicals in junk food are driving your mind and body on a collision course that will eventually lead to disaster. When your rational, logic mind can understand the science that goes into chemically processed foods, it’s easier to be consciously aware of what you’re doing before you put that cookie, chip, etc. into your mouth. Learn to be aware of your thoughts.


Most actions are done by default. You know, you’re eating from a bag of chips (or cookies, etc.) and realize they’re all gone. You have no memory of eating them. When you change your thoughts about food, your life will change. For an inclusive read that covers every aspect of “getting the junk food out for good,” visit Safe & Effective Weight Loss (for Life).

3. Learn HOW to Kick the Addiction


Due to the epidemic of obesity and illness, dozens of medical doctors, scientists and health & wellness advocates have done the research and paved the path to junk food rehabilitation.

Stop watching commercials and most television in general. Good rule of thumb: If it has a commercial, don’t eat it.


Gather data. Learn as if your life depends on it! Because it does!


Understand that conventional medicine does not address the underlying cause of illness. It treats with toxic chemicals, etc. to hide symptoms of the problem, causing more problems as the body becomes more malnourished and poisoned.


Seek a functional medicine doctorHe/she is trained in conventional medicine (like a typical U.S. doctor) but uses natural healing modalities to address underlying causes such as diet and lifestyle to effectively heal “dis-eases.”


4. Stay on the Wellness Path with Eden's Corner Resources


Staying focused and disciplined is much easier with guidance and support. Eden’s Corner has many resources to help you kick the “junk food habit.”  You have the power and the tools to take back your health, and create the joyous life you were born to live!

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.

If you don’t change, reality in the end forces that change upon you.
– Stuart Wilde

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