Herd of sheep following the propaganda.

Peace in a World of Chaos

A peaceful loving world may seem like fantasy. And while it’s unlikely world peace will happen in our lifetime, it doesn’t have to be an excuse to fret, judge, or complain.


Recently, I overheard people mimicking what they’d heard on the news. I thought, “Really, is that what actually happened?” I am skeptical of headlines that describe horrific news. While fact checking I’m often reminded that sensational headlines replete with embellished story details have morphed so deep into fantasy, reality is scarcely discernible. There’s a saying,


“Print the legend and it becomes fact.”


This is evidenced by the epidemic of junk food enthusiasts “eating up” the lies sold by the commercial food industry. And the poor souls who have bought the propaganda sold by the pharmaceutical industry.

Pet Prescriptions gone wild with a mountain of drugs for a new customer.

Infiltrated Poison

The epidemic of lies and poison has now infiltrated the animal world as well. Similar to (chemical) junk food designed for the human population, commercial dog & cat food causes malnutrition and often death. Stomach/drug shares have reached into the animal population resulting in an explosion of pharmaceutical medications that poison your animal friends as well. I realized it was getting bad when I saw a sign at the grocery store that read,


“Get your pet’s prescriptions filled here!”


Professional poisoning of the public mind began in America around the 1950’s. Well-crafted, devious plans, with their constant alarms, reinforced scare tactics of the “Cold War.’” Constant threat of imminent danger brainwashed an entire population who then passed their distorted beliefs onto the children.


When a society is brainwashed to fear others, it will always react with anger, mistrust and judgment. Most people do not even know they are warring with others. Judging and blaming seems normal, practically expected. This US and them mentality seeks to serve its own material desires driven by commercial advertising who keeps them distracted from seeking a life of purpose, thus, never feeling happy.

The masses, who buy into consumerism in an attempt to find happiness, naively support the industrial machine. Devious corporations, using psychological persuasion of emotion and trust, seduce the innocent, using repetitive subliminal media advertising while reaping billions at the cost of human life and suffering.


Those who watch the news and take it as gospel, eating up every negative lie, believe they are thinking for themselves. Entire populations- save for a few Fringe Dwellers- live as robots in a matrix, following the herd. 

World of Chaos with consumer junk everywhere and people blind to it.
“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”
-Soren Kierkegaard

What can you do?


Turn off the television. If you must watch, mute the commercials. Observe those you know who are healthy and happy. What are they buying at the grocery store? Listen to them and learn as much as you can. Learn to think for yourself and question EVERYTHING. Better yet, learn to trust your intuition. Your emotional guidance system will let you know without a doubt, how you are feeling. Confused? Relax. Learn to meditate and have faith that you are here for a divine purpose and you have many gifts to offer the world.


Peace begins with you. It’s an inside job. When your internal world is happy, the world you create will be happy too.


May health be your journey & wellness be your blessing.

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