We laughed, then we cried…


Hello friends. I’m back with another riveting episode of my life here on the hill.


Most days I spend in my mom’s lap; dreaming of treats and belly rubs.
Dad spoils me with toys and mom says my toy basket runneth over. Yea, I think I heard her whisper to Dad about not getting me anymore toys! We’ll just see how long that lasts.

It didn’t take long for me to settle in and become part of the family. And I can hardly remember living anywhere else. Although sometimes when I’m around little kids I get so happy and excited, I remember those little girls…


That first spring was amazing… I got all kinds of new toys, car rides, long walks at the park, really fun play time with mom & dad, stroller rides while mom toiled in her garden, great treats and then…

…something terrible happened. I woke up one day and couldn’t walk! Mom and I were so bewildered

and scared, we cried. I tried dragging myself around with my strong digger legs, but I was going nowhere fast. Mom got on the phone and called the dog doc. It didn’t sound good. Then I heard her call my auntie who was there in no time to console us both. They carried me off to see my vet and it sure wasn’t looking good.

My mom was doing her best to keep her spirits up and cheer me up too. But it was really hard on both of us. Next thing I knew she was putting all kinds of pills down my throat, and carrying me off to see different people that had helped other paralyzed dogs get their “land legs” back.


Dad said not to worry. He’d do all he could, even if it meant building me a cart so I could get around. He’s a great builder of stuff and he likes to tinker.


Mom took me to a chiropractor that did something to my back with a clicker thing and I also saw a really nice lady. She placed her hands on me and I could feel something strange. Mom told me, “It’s okay, Scampy, she’s

using her energy to help you heal.” I was kind of scared, but she helped me feel safe.

I wasn’t supposed to walk around but I couldn’t help it. My folks put me in the grandkids’ old playpen during the day and I was so bored. I didn’t like staying in there but at least I got to watch the Animal Channel and some other shows I like. I got real excited when I saw a badger go after some meat! I’m a bagger dog, don’t  ‘cha know?


Mom told me we needed to have faith. And no matter what happened it would be okay. I believed her. She’s my mom and she loves me no matter what.


Days passed and turned into weeks.

I ate whatever mom fed me. Sometimes it was pretty gross. Even though she said it was the best of the best. Vitamins, supplements, raw food, I got it all.


And I got better. Mom said I was just like a little boy; I need good food, water, vitamins, and lots of love to be really healthy.


…Then it happened, after weeks of lying around, I got up and walked!

We all cried tears of joy. I sure missed running around and sniffing in my favorite critter spots out back. And summer was coming!!

I got real excited when I saw a badger go after some meat! I’m a bagger dog, don’t  ‘cha know?

Mom said to be careful and Dad made me a special ramp so I could get in and out of the house without climbing stairs. They told me to take it easy and that I couldn’t run up and down the stairs anymore. I guess us Dachshunds have to be extra careful jumping so we don’t hurt our backs.


Good thing summer is coming and mom got me a stroller. I know if I get tired she’ll lift me up and let me ride for a while.


I can smell the summer air when the sun peaks out and warms the spring dirt. It is so fine I could bask all day. Summertime and the living (not freezing) is easy… Did you know I’m an island guy? That’s what mom says.

Here’s what mom gave me to get better (and I still get these today)

  • High quality pet food (from our local Mudbay pet store)

  • Probiotics

  • Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM

  • Vitamin/Mineral/Prebiotics/Herbs

  • Turmeric

  • Bach’s Pet Rescue Remedy (mom says she loves it too!)

  • Daily massage

  • Purified water

  • And lots of love!!!

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