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Pain, Prayer and Miracles

Pain: Your Body's Message


Pain, the message you can’t ignore. You can pray it goes away, while hoping for a miracle, ignore your pain and medicate yourself into a state of numbness…


Pain is a big red flag and should never be ignored.


Outsourcing our Healthcare


Most of us have outsourced our healthcare to the “professionals.” And while doctors may have good intentions, they are often misinformed and their methods, risky. Today’s physicians are not trained in nutrition or holistic medicine, therefore, cannot advise their patients on how to care and treat themselves to prevent and heal their own “dis-ease.”


It is evident with the healthcare (sick care) crisis in America that the current system of treating symptoms is NOT working.

Woman holding her lower back (in red) from pain.

The Pharmacy Within


We’ve forgotten we’ve been given an incredible internal healing pharmacy; and the foods we need to nourish and facilitate that healing.


I have been fortunate in my life to have had an upbringing that supported natural (real) healing. We did not go to a doctor because we had symptoms. If sleep did not come easily, we drank chamomile tea. If there was an issue we resolved it the way nature would, with real medicine. However, emergency medicine for a broken bone for example, is always needed and welcomed.


You can find a physician (Integrative physician) that does not treat your symptoms, but rather, attempts to assist your body’s own healing system.

I decided it was time to do something different. I had to make changes if I wanted my life to change. I needed to listen to my intuition and

bring my body and life into balance.

Pain is a Red Flag


Pain is a red flag. When it brings you to your knees there’s no denying it.


It happened to me. I was almost 40 years old when I experienced pain so excruciating, I was desperate to numb the pain.


I had just put in a quarter of an acre of garlic and was working an extremely physical and mentally demanding job. I was a proud workaholic, and that lifestyle had taken a destructive toll on my body. In essence, I had left my spirit and body behind.

OTC (over-the-counter) drugs, poisonous to the human body.
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Common Sense


Muscle spasms wracked my back with excruciating pain. Medicating the pain away was a futile attempt. I have always avoided OTC (over-the-counter) drugs except in cases of dire need such as an unrelenting headache, as I know them all to be poisonous to the human body. And this one only resulted in stomach pain worse than the back pain I was experiencing!


Common sense should tell us pain is a signal from the body saying,

“There’s something going on here that needs your attention, please address it!”


Beliefs (lies) I Held to be True

I am what I do

My job defines my value

Others will like me if I’m successful

Prayed for A Sign


I decided it was time to do something different. I had to make changes if I wanted my life to change. I needed to listen to my intuition and bring my body and life into balance. I prayed for a sign. With my eyes and heart open I found Louise Hay. Well, not exactly, but I did find her book, “You Can Heal Your Life.” Louise has a powerful message that explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinking to improve the quality of your life.


I dedicated myself to her work- it takes a lot of mental work to overcome/change a lifetime of negative programming, but you are so worth it!- and began to feel peaceful, pain free and more happiness than I had ever experienced in my life.


We are all on a path to health and healing. Sometimes we know this, other times we are forced by our aches and pains to acknowledge it.


Your thoughts determine the choices you make in life. Positive self-affirming thoughts lead you to healthy choices; nourishing foods, healthy relationships, etc.

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