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Oven Cleaner

Cleaning your oven has got to be one of the worst jobs in the kitchen. And the most toxic when commercial oven cleaners are in the mix.


No need for poisonous (and expensive) chemicals that can harm you and your family. Just the smell alone says, “BEWARE!”

Caustic, and noxious, the chemicals in oven cleaner have no business in the home. Especially the kitchen.

This DIY oven cleaner is effective, costs only pennies and is safe for you, your family and the planet.


Before we get into the really bad stuff that comes in that innocent, albeit bold looking little can, let’s talk about nature’s powerhouse cleaners.

Kitchen with two ovens with the name DIY Oven Cleaner.

The good news…

You don’t have to poison to clean and protect your home. When you discover their cleaning muscle you’ll be sure to include them in your DIY cleaning kit. They’ve been around for generations and their efficacy and safety make them invaluable to the health-conscious family.


Baking soda and vinegar. Both are strong cleaners that deodorize and together work hard on dirty jobs. In most cases, a dirty oven is a tough and messy job. Over the years I’ve found this DIY oven cleaner recipe to work wonders, even on the most apple pie juice-burnt on mess. Hint: Put your pie, etc. on a cookie sheet to prevent spillage!


Nature has provided us with everything we need to clean our homes safely and kill germs effectively without the risk of cancer-causing cleaners. And the best thing, besides their safety; they’re cheap and you probably have them in your home already.


Cleaning messes and killing germs

is not a toxic chemical requirement! Skillful and deceptive advertising says otherwise, but they aren’t looking out for you. According to Joseph Mercola, M.D., product manufacturers have over 100,000 chemicals to choose for their products. And less than 10% have been tested for safety. (More on that below.)


Self-Cleaning Ovens May be Hazardous to Humans & Birds

I remember many years ago, the smell of someone’s self-cleaning oven. The stench, the acrid fumes that wafted through the home. I thought, “That terrible odor smells toxic.” It burned my eyes and made my lungs feel uncomfortable.


Scientists are speaking out about self-cleaning ovens and their research finds the residue in a dirty oven can produce carbon monoxide poisoning.  Dr. Tom Greiner, one of the leading experts on carbon monoxide poisoning suggests cleaning all food residue before using the oven’s cleaning feature. That may be safer, but it surely defeats the purpose. When in doubt, play it safe, DIY!


Just What is in That Can?!

According to the Environmental Working Group scientists, all oven cleaners are hazardous to human health. These chemical offenders cause eye damage, severe skin burns, vision damage, risk of cancer, irritation to allergies, skin, and the respiratory system, and reproductive effects.

EWG Rates Popular Oven Cleaner 




Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner


CVS/pharmacy Fume-Free Oven Cleaner 

Scored an F


Moderate – high concern for skin irritation/allergies damage, nervous system and respiratory effects, damage to vision, digestive system effects, damage to DNA, developmental/endocrine/reproductive effects and chronic aquatic toxicity.  



To empower consumers,


EWG Cleaners Hall of Shame


Highlights the worst of the worst. Many of these cleaners are banned in Europe. (And very popular in America.) It is evident, European governments oversee their chemical industries and care about the safety of their citizens.

If it isn’t safe, why is it for sale? That’s a good question. Most of us take our health and safety for granted. Here’s why folks are allowed to poison their families, homes and environment.


Why Are U.S. Companies Allowed to Sell Toxic Products to Consumers?


The U. S. Chemical Industry has a lot of buying (bribing) power in Washington. $800 billion- annual sales in 2016 supports lobbyists and the politicians that allow the 80,000 + unregulated chemicals to poison Americans and others around the globe.


The media- chiefly funded and owned by various chemical industries- uses psychological persuasion; consistent and repetitious advertising to manipulate and influence the public.


With virtually no regulation of the 80,000+ chemicals used in food, cleaning, home & yard & personal care products, consumers risk their health and the health of the planet every time they purchase an item that is not organic or ethically sourced (certified organic, green or EWG verified).


Unscrupulous corporations are banking on the public’s innocence and naivete. Understanding the “herd instinct” will not only give you insight behind the current subliminal conditioning affecting Americans and many others around the world, but also empower you to protect your family and our planet.  

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.

HINT: If it’s advertised on television, don’t buy it,

and certainly don’t believe it. That includes the “news” also.


Recipe #1

Slightly Soiled Oven



Baking soda

Spray bottle filled with water  

hard rubber spatula




Thoroughly spray entire oven using a spray bottle filled with water.

Sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda on the bottom and sprinkle over entire oven. Mist areas that may be dry and apply more baking soda.


Let sit all morning or afternoon.


Wipe clean with a wet cloth. Use a hard rubber spatula to scrape off stubborn gunk.

You may need a couple applications if your oven has a thick build-up, but it’s worth it, and it works! And best of all you’re not harming your family, pets, or the planet. Not to mention supporting nefarious corporations that have no consideration for the health of humanity and the earth.

Recipe #2

When You Need to Take Out the Big Guns…




Baking soda


Spray bottle filled with water

Hard rubber spatula

Stainless Steel Scrubber (optional)

Elbow grease, optional - Big jobs may require “extra scrubbing” 😊




In a small bowl make a paste of ½ c. baking soda. Add a few tablespoons of water. Adjust ingredients to make a spreadable paste. Coat your entire oven.

Let sit for 12 hours or overnight. Wipe out oven with a clean damp cloth. Use a hard rubber spatula to clean up baking soda and hard to remove gunk.


Spray with vinegar. The vinegar will react with the baking soda and foam up. These foaming bubbles are working to clean your oven!


Wipe with a clean damp cloth until oven is clean and shiny. Voila!

Clean oven. No dangerous chemicals required.

Warnings and Precautions for DIY Products 


1. Never reuse chemical product bottles. Ingredients may pick up traces of chemicals from the old bottle.


2. Always label your bottle. Use a marker or label to clearly mark what is in the bottle. Add the date so you’ll know if your product is fresh. Old DIY mixtures can lose effectiveness over time.


3. Store out of reach of children and pets.

As we continue to vote with our dollars and buy safe products that are ethically sourced/created, we send a loud message to the chemical companies:


We care about our family’s health and the health of future generations.


Pregnant and breastfeeding moms should be especially careful for the sake of themselves as well as their developing children.



Thank you for partnering with Eden’s Corner to support companies with integrity. Your love and caring benefits you, the earth and future generations.


By purchasing at Amazon while on Eden’s Corner your caring helps support the work we do for you.


“When we honor the earth, we honor ourselves.”

-L.M. Wilde

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