Organic Vegetables and fruits. Organic vs. Conventional

Organic vs. Conventional 

Lobbyist, Politics and Organic

Organic food is grown in accordance with the laws of nature. Foods that have assured our survival for millions of years.


Non-organic, unnatural produce is grown with post war chemicals. Made by the same folks that brought us DDT, Agent Orange and many other toxic chemicals found in virtually everything from food to bubble bath.

Variety of vegetabels, fruits and meats all organic on a table. Organic vs. Conventional

Buying Conventional, Why?

Why are most Americans buying chemical-laden fruits and vegetables?


Politics and media Influence.


Through a brilliant plan called engineering of consent, unscrupulous entities have influenced the masses to unconsciously desire and want things they don’t need and consume products they instinctively know are harmful.


When the majority of a nation consumes harmful foods, we must consider the fact that they have unwittingly been brainwashed and have lost their ability to discern fact from fiction.


Lobbyists from agrichemical industries influence Congress with millions in “Law Money;” providing billions in corporate welfare (tax subsidies). 

By choosing at least one organic product out of every 10 items you purchase…

000 PNG barrel oil Silhouette small.png
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PNG Water Facet small.png
PNG Milk Jug sm.png

Oil- 2.9 Billion barrels of imported oil would be eliminated each year.



Produce- 53 Million servings of produce would be produced without toxic pesticides each day.



Water- 98 Million servings of drinking water would be free of toxic pesticides each day.



Milk- 20 Million servings of milk would be produced without rBGH or antibiotics each day.



Source: The Organic Center

PNG The-Organic-Center-Logo-small.png



Organic soil is the foundation of healthy food. Plants that are nourished the way nature intended contain vital minerals and nutrients crucial to human health.




Soil is deficient of life-giving nutrients. Instead, it is deluged with post war chemicals. The soil is virtually dead and becomes much like a heroin addict; addicted to artificial poison. Crops produced are deficient in vitamins, minerals and life-giving nutrients needed to produce health and prevent “dis-ease.”




Poisons such as synthetic herbicides, pesticides and sewage sludge (as fertilizer), are not allowed in organic farming. Therefore, harmful chemical exposure is greatly reduced.




Conventional farming relies heavily on chemicals; the soil is chemically fertilized, pests are chemically poisoned, and weeds are chemically eradicated. Beneficial plant and animal species are endangered, impacting crucial diversity needed for a healthy environment.

The farming equipment uses massive amounts of fossil fuels to create toxic crops and much of these harmful chemicals poison the land, water, including the earth’s ocean, air, and those who tend the farms. Nearby communities are negatively impacted, including those who will eventually consume these unhealthy food products.


Organic Crops

Organic growing does not allow genetic modification of plants whereby genes of other plants, animals and harmful chemicals such as glyphosate (weed killer, Round Up) are inserted into an original plant DNA.



Bioengineered Crops

Conventional farming has been genetically modifying food crops since the late 90’s. According to scientists this technology is

untested and unpredictable.

Genetic manipulation

may combine animal and plant cells; fish with cattle growth genes, tomatoes with flounder genes, corn with bacteria genes, “super” pigs with human growth genes, and thousands of other altered and engineered animals, plants, organisms and insects.  

Many countries have banned this technology. Be aware that animals are fed GMO grain unless raised organically.





Groundwater is not polluted with harmful heavy metals and other toxic chemicals found in conventional farming. Surrounding communities are safe from harmful chemicals that leach into the soil, oceans, lakes, streams, and aquifers.




The catastrophic effects of groundwater contamination is well documented.  EPA studies reveal industrial farming contributes to the poisoning of lakes, rivers, streams, and ocean.




Organic farming supports local families. These farms are generally small, especially compared to huge agribusiness corporations.

Organic farmers receive no government subsidies from taxpayers.




Large corporate farms benefit shareholders. Thanks to congress and their lobbyist allies, huge agribusiness corporations are heavily subsidized (corporate welfare) by the American taxpayer.

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It's Worth It.


Grown and raised by farmers who never use pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones or antibiotics, choosing organic over all other food guarantees that your shopping cart includes:


  • No artificial colors or flavors

  • No artificial preservatives

  • No irradiated ingredients

  • No GMO ingredients


Choosing organic also guarantees that meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are given:


  • Clean, cage-free living conditions

  • Access to roam outdoors

  • Organic feed


While many food labels promise undefined and unverified benefits, the latest science confirms why choosing organic is so important:


The average adult who does not eat organic is exposed to between 6 & 12 pesticides each day from food and beverages.


Organic milk can contain about twice the levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fats compared to conventional milk.


Organic breads contain 3 times as much nutrient rich whole food ingredients as conventional breads.


Organic farms have 30% less greenhouse gas emission than conventional farms.


Organic farming increases species biodiversity by about 30% when compared with conventional farming.


Did you know that organic delivers more than any other food and farming system in the world?


Source Organic Trade Association

PNG Organic Trade Association.gif

While organic food prices may look higher, the cost cannot be measured by money alone.


Organic food saves not only your tax dollars, but the environment, farm workers and others living near the farm, and the health of you and your family.



Further Research:

EWG’s Guide to Produce:

Dirty Dozen

& The Clean Fifteen

Are you eating America’s left-over chemical warfare to be used as agricultural poison on our food supply?

The agrichemical companies have a potent, sleazy political machine.

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