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No-Cook Applesauce


You’ll love this easy no-cook applesauce. Tastes better than cooked applesauce and there’s no pots & pans or messy stove to clean. By far the best way to eat most foods is raw. No-cook applesauce preserves nutrients and is much easier to digest (better nutrient absorption). You’ll love its taste, and the kids will too!


Serves 1-2 people

Nice bowl of no-cook applesauce with a strawberry garnish



1 large *apple, cored and chopped (leave the skin on) Fuji, gala or another type of sweet apple.


Cinnamon or pumpkin pie spices-DIY blend here

Purified water.




Place apple in blender or food processor. Grind or process until it reaches the consistency of applesauce. Add a small amount of water to reach desired thickness. Place in cup or bowl. Sprinkle with spices, nuts, or dried fruits.

Extra Nutrition Tips:


Omega 3 Rich Superfoods


Organic flaxseed, freshly ground. Mix in 1-2 T. per serving. Flaxseed contains heart/brain healthy omega 3 fatty acid. (Store ground flaxseed in refrigerator to keep from becoming rancid.) Purchase whole organic flax seed in bulk from reputable sellers. Frontier Foods Co-op or a local food co-op.


Raw organic chia seeds. Sprinkle 1-2 T. per serving of this omega 3 rich super food.


Raw walnuts. Stir in a small handful before serving.


Raw almonds. Stir in a small handful before serving.


Dried organic fruits of your choice. 1-2 T. of raisins, dates, etc.


*Apples NOT grown organically contain many chemicals that are not safe for consumption, especially children.

Please consult the Environmental Working Group’s

Dirty Dozen

and the

Clean Fifteen.

*Choose organic foods whenever possible. For your health and the health of the planet!

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